Connecting the best with the best

  • We want to know your business

    We take steps to understand your strategy, your vision. Not only identifying what you need for success right now, but where you plan to be longer term and how to help you get there.

  • We don’t talk to strangers

    We get to know our candidates and reference check before they are connected to you. What does this do? It ensures the people you see are culturally and technically aligned to your business and what you need.

  • We get 'digital'

    Yup, we really do. We define Digital through Tech, Product, Design, Data and Growth and we have experience working with those skills and environments. With our knowledge, we can add real value to the planning and hiring process.

  • We’ve packed for the long haul

    We could make jokes about luggage, but we're not going to. What we are going to say is - we don't wash our hands of the candidate and employer once the placement is made. We stay in touch. Our fee model is structured so we don't get paid unless we've done our job right.

Ambitious roles for ambitious people

We’ve based our success on your success

We believe that traditional fee models don’t always lead to the best recruitment outcomes for candidates or employers.

We wanted a stronger guarantee that the appointment you make meets everyone’s best interest – yours, the candidates and ours – well after your new recruit has started in the job.

So we picked it up, thought it over and changed it.

Our fee model means we only get paid if we have done our job right and your new recruit remains in their role for the long-term. A simple change which transforms the entire recruitment process from beginning to end to focus on a single goal – getting the right person for your business.

Just like you, we don’t want just any job

Our big picture is to lead positive change and promote real innovation in recruitment.

The foundation of this is to build genuine relationships with our candidates and employers. We are committed to push the boundaries of how we connect the very best people with the very best organisations. By doing this we ensure long-term careers for our candidates, and valuable and engaged employees for the organisations we work with.

This is how we get the job we want.

  • Ash Conway
    CEO at Bugwolf

    “I really loved the understanding affix had for our market, how they were solving issues, it felt innovative. It’s pretty clear affix has taken a different approach to hiring and facilitating that process".

  • Amy Childs
    General Manager at Momentum Energy

    "Every candidate shortlisted, I could have easily hired. To date, I haven’t been presented with a ‘wrong fit’. The mark has been hit with every brief".

  • Brad Taylor
    General Manager
    at Yellow

    "These guys stand by their work like no other
    recruiter in the industry".

Giving back

The Big Issue Women’s Subscription Enterprise provides job opportunities for homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged women through the sale of The Big Issue magazine subscriptions. 

We are proud to announce our partnership with The Big Issue to support this ground-breaking employment initiative.

Our big picture is to support positive change in the wider landscape of recruitment. We believe everyone should have access to the benefits that come from being employed. We should all experience the opportunity, social connections and engagement that an income provides.

Since 1996, more than 4500 people have sold The Big Issue magazine, putting $20 million into the pockets of homeless and disadvantaged Australians. As part of the Women’s Subscription Enterprise (WSE), vulnerable women are employed to hand-pack subscription copies of the magazine, giving them an income and helping them gain new skills and career pathways for the future. For every 100 subscriptions of the magazine sold, 1 woman can be employed through the initiative.

We look forward to sharing the stories of how our contribution to WSE will help underprivileged women improve the quality of their lives.