Time to highlight our next Startup for Above All Human 2018, and what a startup they are!

Ok so we’re a little biased, but we think these guys are something special. How do we know? Well- we first starting working with them over 2 years ago…and what a journey it’s been!
Sidekicker is an on-demand staffing platform used by some big names, to hire qualified staff to complete daily, or even hourly jobs.

For a ‘sidekick’, you’re essentially given the opportunity to make money, gain experience and take control over when and where you work- handy right?!

The growth these guys have achieved since their launch is pretty darn impressive, and something we’re pretty confident any Tech Startup would be proud to add to their list of achievements.
We’re looking forward to seeing these guys in action at the end of the month! Haven’t got tickets yet? Have no fear, you can purchase here! (Yep, we just rhymed).

To learn more about Sidekicker, check out their website…or better yet- become a sidekick!