affix is all about connecting humans- amazing humans to be specific!
We are super proud to be sponsoring the phenomenally inspiring tech event that is Above All Human for 2018. We’re powering 20 of Australia’s most inspiring tech start-ups, to showcase their ‘thing’ and spread the word around what it is they do.

We get it. We’re a startup ourselves. It’s a tough gig, and one of the biggest hurdles to overcome can simply be getting your brand, your idea out there. That’s where we come in.

Being the first day of August, it’s the perfect time to announce the very first startup we’re backing for this years Above all Human 2018, affix showcase.

We are beyond proud to be supporting Phoria, a Melbourne based immersive technology startup building pioneering, experiential technology that transforms and empowers people to experience a physical space in a digital space. Phoria specialise in cutting-edge holographic and interactive technologies, virtual and mixed realities (just to name a few!), and we are beyond excited to watch them do their thing at the end of the month, as part of the affix StartUp Zone. These guys are leaps and bounds ahead of the tech game, and well and truly know their stuff.

We could not be more excited to be sponsoring Phoria in what will be an incredibly awesome day! If you haven’t managed to wrangle up some tickets just yet, head to the website here, and get your hands on them- you won’t regret it!

To check out more about Phoria, and everything they’re up to, head to their website here!