The political voting system can be a complex one. One which doesn’t always allow everyone to express their views in full, which of course just brews one seriously large pot of frustration and confusion! Well, here’s where MiVote come in…

MiVote is an easy to use App, which presents you with a variety of perspectives on all major issues currently up for debate in the Australian Parliament. The App enables you to make an informed, well-rounded decision and have your say on where you want our country to go.  The MiVote team employ independent researchers (free from political influence) to unpack each issue in a way that is easy to understand and accessible for everyone. Sounds pretty awesome right?!

We’re eagerly awaiting to partner up with the MiVote team for this years Above All Human event on the 29th August. We can’t wait to hear more about what they do and what they’ve achieved so far- talk about impressive Tech Startups right!

Get your hands on tickets here

And better yet, check out the MiVote website!