It’s pretty rare to stumble on to a website, which doesn’t have some form of chatbot service, and boy do they make life a whole lot easier.

Here’s where our next startup come in…inGenious AI is a chatbot consultancy that has built its own chatbot CMS platform that is unlike anything else in the market.  They’ve been designing, building and managing chatbots for some of Australia’s largest companies using their own chatbot CMS platform. To call these guys impressive would be a daft understatement.

You only have to visit their website, to get a feel for how advanced their service is…you can go ahead and have some fun there too if you like!

If you’re still planning on getting your hands on some tickets, you might want to get clicking– they’re selling fast!

And if you want to check these guys out (which we highly recommend you do)…head to their website here.