It’s roll call time, which means now’s the moment to announce the second Startup we’re backing for this years Above All Human Tech event at the end of the month.

We’ve spoken about these guys before, so really it’s no surprise they were a top pick when selecting from a seriously impressive bunch of Australian Tech Startups.
Let us (re)introduce you to Bugwolf. Founded and headed up by Ash Conway, Bugwolf is an innovative platform where software testers compete to rapidly test applications, websites, and products in the same way customers use them, reporting usability, functionality and experience bugs (to name a few!).

When we say we’re powering 20 of Australia’s most inspiring tech startups, we really mean it, and these guys are no exception.

We can’t wait to partner up with Bugwolf in what will be an awesome day!
If you haven’t managed to get your hands on some tickets, head to the website here!

To check out more about Bugwolf, and everything they’re up to, head to their website.