You may have noticed a not-so-subtle injection of pink into our website of late…particularly on our Candidate & Client pages…well- the secrets out- we’ve partnered with one seriously impressive Social Enterprise…allow us to ‘officially’ introduce: Code Like A Girl.

Code Like A Girl is dedicated to empowering women and girls to be equal creators in building the future, providing them with the confidence, tools, knowledge and support to enter and flourish, in the world of coding. We are beyond proud to announce our partnership with these absolute legends to aid in supporting this ground-breaking initiative in the Tech Industry. Since joining forces with the ultimate girl gang that is behind this amazing organisation, we’ve been working on a little something…

Now, we’re not going to go ahead and throw it all out on the table just yet, however, in the spirit of Christmas, we thought we’d present you with a wee teaser…please enjoy the very first episode in a pretty inspirational Interview Series featured on the brand new ‘CLG TV’. The team at Code Like A Girl has created and executed a pretty incredible initiative, with the deliberate intention of shining one very large (and deserving) spotlight on women in Tech. Throughout the rollout of the ‘In Conversation with…’  series, we’ll see an impressionable young girl taking on the role of interviewer, asking a pretty impressive list of questions.

We will continue to roll this out at the very start of 2019, but- once you’ve checked out the video- you’ll understand why we couldn’t wait ‘till then to get this out in the world!

Get ready people – we have some seriously exciting projects coming in 2019!