Sales is no longer a dirty word, we’re all doing it – no matter what role you’re in. All too often it’s associated with negative connotations. Maybe you recall the time you were talked into buying a set of kitchen knives you definitely didn’t need. Or maybe, you’ve been on the other end of the “transaction” and still have nightmares of KPIs and whiteboards… all… around. 

Either way, I’m here to tell you that in today’s market, things are a bit different. I’ve ridden this transition firsthand working across all sides of sales over the past 20+ years. The role of the “seller” has evolved into that of the “advisor,” employing knowledge to build solutions that connect the dots between the customers’ business needs, challenges, and goals. 

I’m now lucky enough to be working with smart and progressive tech companies every day, where this challenge is more than evident, operating in a new world of unknown marketplaces. I’d like to unpack these challenges a bit more and give you some insights as to what affix is doing to help. 

Every day, new products or services that aim to “break the mold” are launched into the market. The caveat? These shiny new things may not be understood or even needed by increasingly savvy customers. Gone are the days of product pitches or death by PowerPoint with sellers pushing square pegs into round holes. Sales professionals today need to understand the world through their customers’ eyes and be able to help build solutions that help them grow. 

Finding the right person or team of people who truly understand the metrics, culture and even risks within this evolving industry requires awareness of and access to the best talent and community networks. And time. Lots of it. Something that is often a luxury for growing businesses.

Additionally, because traditional sellers expect (or are even attracted to) established products and commission structures, moving into a scaling business most likely means having to professionally reinvent themselves. They must be flexible and have both the patience and the foresight to be successful in this everchanging and ambiguous market. This might be daunting for some, further reducing the talent pool.

The Solution: 

So, how do we go about this? Well, I’m glad you asked! At affix, we like to pay attention to what the market needs and then add value where we’re best suited. In this case, helping companies scale by increasing internal sales capabilities and finding the person (or people) best suited to the business needs. 

Our approach is simple:

First, we assess a business’s go-to-market model. Then, we workshop with Founders and other key stakeholders exactly what the business needs. Finally, we collaboratively design people, process and technology strategies whilst providing insights that help us collectively succeed. We’re able to do this for many reasons, including the fact that we’re a startup, we have broad skills and experience across our team, and we have a high-caliber network of talent which we proudly continue to cultivate as part of our overall community.

Are you keen to learn more about our assessments and workshops? Maybe you’re interested to see what this “new” world of sales looks like? Either way, give us a shout! We’re always here to help you find your happy (work) place.



Who Am I? I’m a consultant at affix and I’m new to the world of recruitment after a 20+ year career in Sales. I’m passionate about humans and technology and love what I do – working with founders and business leaders with their go-to-market strategies and building kick-arse teams. 

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