As a business that helps build other businesses, we are on the frontlines of seeing (and helping combat) gender imbalances in the workplace, particularly in tech. 

There are many moving parts and players involved in creating an inclusive and diverse team. Some of these include the language used in job ads, how much businesses value gender diversity on their teams and the tools and messages that are given to women years before they even enter the workforce.

At affix, we value the diversity we have on our team and love to partner with organisations and leaders who align with this value too. Last week, in honour of International Women’s Day, we shared quotes by a few women in and around affix who embody these values and make strides towards addressing inequalities day in and day out.

Here’s what they had to say:

Sonia Bonnici, Head of Talent, affix 

“We know that unconscious bias occurs when we make quick judgements of people and situations without realising our preconceived ideas. These biases can be influenced by our background, gender, cultural environment and past experiences and whilst we might not be aware of these views, their impact can still be considerable. 

Men will apply for a job when they meet 60 per cent of the qualifications, whereas women will apply only if they meet 100 per cent of the qualifications. To attract more women into STEM roles and from ethnically diverse backgrounds, you need to write advertisements that demonstrate the organisation values inclusion and is proactive in trying to address workplace imbalances. There are tools such as Gender Decoder or Textio that can check the wording in your job descriptions for gender-biased language.” 

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Ally Watson, CEO & Founder, Code Like a Girl

Ally has experienced firsthand how isolating and challenging it is to be a woman in a male-dominated industry. She founded Code Like a Girl to make tech accessible, inclusive and fun to young girls while driving gender diversity in tech. 

“Tech is everywhere and it can’t keep being made by just one gender.”

Learn about our partnership with Code Like a Girl under ‘Giving Back.’

Leah Bond, COO & Co-Founder, PPC Samurai

As the COO and Co-Founder of PPC Samurai, a revolutionary SaaS product that offers ground-breaking automation and scale-up capabilities to agencies globally, Leah wants to broaden the conversation about “women in tech” to one that’s inclusive of various roles available inside the world of technology.

“Women shouldn’t be discouraged from tech because of the polar view we have of tech; that women founders need to code, or that women in tech (as a label) is only about developers. If we want more diversity in the industry, we need to broaden the conversation to include an understanding of the other sorts of roles available to women in tech, both as founders and as powerhouses. 

The industry needs diversity of all types, and I think it acknowledges that, but it doesn’t promote the conversation about the kinds of opportunities that would appeal to a diverse range of personality types, professional interests and ages. We should encourage diversity by yelling out that tech is more than just coding. The success of a tech company requires fierce execution on a vision, with a whole range of skills at the table.”

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Eron Castro, Senior Digital and Marketing Consultant, affix 

As a mum, Eron understands the importance of constantly spreading messages of love, respect and empowerment to her little girl, Lola. From interviewing inspiring women for Super Women Collective to supporting and encouraging the women in her network to be their most authentic selves, Eron is a shining example of a woman who lifts other women up day in and day out.

“The dialogue we have with our children becomes their inner voice. We need to ensure our conversations with them are positive and impactful.”

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Jessica Box, Managing Director, Girls In Tech Australia

As the Managing Director of Girls in Tech Australia and the Growth and Marketing Director of Finch, Jess understands the importance of providing opportunities for growth and education across tech to women everywhere. 

“Women are vastly underrepresented in STEM jobs and among STEM degree holders. For the past 20 years, women have held less than 25% of jobs in the tech industry. 

This leaves a huge opportunity for the communities (like Girls in Tech) to support the growth and education of women in the tech world – in both engineering and non-engineering professions – and really expand employment opportunities for women across Australia and internationally. It’s time to make an impact and a better working world for the next-gen.

It’s too often said, ‘you can’t be, what you can’t see.’ So let’s get busy.”

Learn about Girls in Tech Australia’s mission.

Renece Brewster, CEO & Co-Founder, Visual Domain

Renece is the CEO and Co-founder of Visual Domain, a tech-led video production company changing the way brands create content. She also sits on the board for Girls in Tech Australia. Renece’s journey is a testament to her grit – taking her future into her own hands and rising above the expectations society has set for her as a woman in tech. 

“Be the leader of your future and create the path you want – no one is going to hand it to you.”

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