Are we really being replaced by Robots?
Well, kinda…but humans will thankfully still be required…just.
Are we mad about it? To be honest, not really. Because with advances in technology, we can only continue to improve our ability to create better products, enhance user experience and increase the functionality of already existing ideas and materials.

What does all of this actually mean though?

We had the recent pleasure of placing the gun that is Josh Sprague into a role which barely existed four years ago. Josh sits down with forecaster Michael McQueen to chat all about the future of business, and what on earth this is going to look like.

“There are 12-year-olds right now who you’ll be competing with, in the coming years, and they’ve been coding their whole lives so you won’t necessarily get your edge by being good technically.”

Time to run for the hills? Not quite. But it is well and truly time to start forward-thinking to future-proof yourself and your (potentially) non-existent career.

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