Think the idea of working with your siblings every day is the stuff of nightmares? Think again. Our Founder, Jarrad Skeen shares his insights on what goes into running a successful business with family.

Here’s a fun fact, of the 2.1 million businesses in Australia, a whopping 70 percent are family owned – crazy right?! So the thought of opening up shop with a sibling doesn’t seem all too crazy now huh?

Although Jarrad and his siblings didn’t specifically launch affix together, they have by some weird miracle all fallen into the same industry over the years. Each of their areas of specialisation just so happens to align perfectly with what affix is all about. With Jarrad at the realm and his two siblings both taking up leadership positions, some clear rules had to be put in place.

“One of the key rules we’ve all agreed to at functions outside work is that no shop talk is allowed”

If you’re going into business with your siblings you need to understand the expectations and what those boundaries are.

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