Q + A with the newest member of our New Zealand Talent team – Sophie Green!

When Jarrad first met Soph, not only did he report back that she knows the digital landscape inside & out, but also that she might *actually* be the loudest & most laughy person at affix… (and if you’ve ever met any of us, that’s a big call to make). It might be exactly what you need to connect great humans and businesses internationally. Sophie’s laugh could carry all the way across the Tasman ocean! 

We lowkey suspect Sophie’s infectious personality will make every step in the recruitment journey that little bit more fun. Who wouldn’t want someone cheering you on as you take on a new challenge? She might even offer to call and give you a pep talk when you get out of bed in the morning.  

Sophie’s equipped with bucket loads of passion and a sense of adventure that will see her making friends and connecting humans and businesses a breeze, especially as she’s helping affix grow on both sides of the ditch. Whether you’re changing careers, taking a leap or making big moves, wouldn’t it be amazing to have Sophie by your side? Someone who knows the difference between paid and organic, or earned and bought media, and truly has your back. 

We could go on, But you’ll be able to hear the passion in Sophie’s voice down below. Don’t worry about this bit, get out there & meet Sophie!

Q + A with Soph, our new Digital Consultant, Auckland.

Tell us, what do you do at affix? 

As well as keeping Tom & Rob on their toes, I’m a digital recruiter dabbling in a little bit of tech also! Tom also awarded me the additional title of “happiness manager” of the Kiwi team! 😁

What impact do you hope to have with affix?

It’s very exciting to join Tom & the rest of affix as NZ launches. I am looking forward to helping people find their happy workplace, which goes hand in hand with helping companies grow! That and add a little bit of noise and laughter to all stages of the recruitment process. 💃

What attracted you to working at affix?

How much the crew at affix cares! I really want to make a positive impact, the move into recruitment for me is doing what I love in my previous roles – helping Kiwi businesses grow. I am also very excited about affix’s “remote first” approach to work. I’m beyond keen for more trips across the Tasman to Australia, and the opportunities to drive up to the gorgeous NZ East Coast beaches, surf before breakfast, connect with people all day and surf again as a reward at 5pm! 

🤙 Living the dream 🤙


What are you seeing in the NZ recruitment space in 2022? 

The borders opening this month after 27 months has to be the biggest thing happening in Aotearoa for recruitment, (aside from the launch of affix obviously!). This will give us a whole bunch of new talent and opportunities.

What trends are you personally loving right now? 

teams offering remote work flexibility that will help the smaller towns in Aotearoa grow, this is something I’m passionate about, and am already involved in a committee for health & wellbeing at work. It is important to consider the physical and mental wellness aspects to ensure people can work positive headspace doing what you love!

If you had to deliver a TED talk tomorrow, what would it be about?

About how perspective creates reality, and how important it is to see the brighter side of life! We can’t change what happens to us or around us, but we are in full control of choosing how we respond to these things. Life can be more challenging sometimes than others, but I really appreciate the reminders I get of this from friends and great leaders I’ve had when times get tough!

What’s your superpower? 


What’s the most useful thing you own?

Surfboards, not sure how useful they are in all situations, but I love my boards, I have 3, the newest to the whanau being a 9 foot wooden longboard which I can surf as close to home as Orewa! Surfing is good for my soul, I love the ocean, I love being outside and I love being active, so in that way, surfing ticks all these boxes and my surfboards are very useful for surfing!

What are you listening to, reading, and/or watching right now? 

Reading – I just got the new Ceclia Ahern book Freckles, she is my fave author, she has an amazing imagination and I have enjoyed every book she has written. So, high hopes for the latest one!

Listening to – Smartless podcast, it has some awesome people on like Ryan Renolds & Jennifer Aniston and is light hearted and funny. Also Why Buddhism Is True, bringing science and spirituality together, very interesting.

Watching – Stranger Things season 4 & Rupaul’s Legendary Legends!

Ok last one… time for ‘would you rather’!

  • Would you rather have eyes all around your head or noses all around your head?
      • Eyes! Noses would make life too smelly.
    • Would you rather have no internet or no iPhone?
      • No iPhone, I LOVE Googling things
  • Would you rather be trailed by a zombie or by a vampire?
    • Vampire, I am very excited by the hope of being a vampire one day…

Bonus question

  • Would you rather turn into a dog every time you sneeze or a buffalo every time you hiccup?
    • Easy – dog every time

Connect with Sophie over on Linkedin and give her a big warm welcome into the world of affix recruitment!