Q + A with Rob Anderson – the newest member of our New Zealand Tech Talent team!


Folks, meet Bowie! 🐶 ermm, sorry excuse us… Meet Rob! The freshest face in our NZ team, making connections in Aotearoa and beyond. But also, how cute is Bowie?! 

Before arriving in affix land, Rob was all across all things Paid & SEO Advertising, mainly as a BDM and Sales Manager. But his career hasn’t always been so straight forward. In fact, Rob’s done his fair share of acting and modelling. That is until he was let go for his impressively good looks (his words… not ours). In short, he knew his soap opera life just wasn’t meant to be.

As for things that WERE meant to be? Rob at affix. That’s because Rob is an eager bean who’s genuinely passionate about connecting bloody talented humans to bloody good businesses. His desire to get to know people beyond their CV oozes from him the minute you meet him. And if his passion for helping you find your next job isn’t enough, he’ll always have his cute pooch by his side, reminding you that Bowie’s human is a real treat.

Let’s get on with it now – what are you still doing here reading this bit? Get out there and meet Rob!


Q + A with Rob Anderson, our new Tech Consultant, and personal assistant to Bowie the dog.

Tell us, what do you do at affix? 

I’ll be focusing on the world of tech recruitment for the NZ market while being the chief banter officer for our Auckland office hehe. 

What impact do you hope to have with affix?

I hope to be a key driver to the success of the NZ office, putting my sales experience and knowledge of the NZ market to good use.

What attracted you to working at affix?

The fact that this team really cares about their customers. Their remote enabled approach also opens up so many options, and means I’ll never have to leave my best friend behind again 🐶

What are you seeing in the NZ recruitment space in 2022? 

65% of tech candidates want remote work options even after the pandemic, while the rest mostly want hybrid work options. Additionally, most employees see flex work as a top reason for staying with their current employer. In the not too distant future, traditionally office based roles are becoming way more flexible, as we now know when people WFH, it has a (measurably) great impact on productivity. 

If you had to deliver a TED talk tomorrow, what would it be about? 

How Bitcoin and other decentralised currencies can help countries with extremely volatile inflation. 

What’s your superpower? 

Embarrassing myself in public… I’m really good at it.

What’s the most useful thing you own?

My electric toothbrush so I know how long to brush my teeth for (no more counting out).

What are you listening to, reading, and/or watching right now? 

I’m reading one of the Red Dwarf books (Red Dwarf is a British TV science fiction comedy, Google it and thank me later).

Ok last one… time for ‘would you rather’!

  • Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands? Just picture that. 

      • Hands for feet – I’d be the best cart wheeler in town  
  • Would you rather get diarrhoea on vacation or the day of a big presentation at work?
      • Diarrhoea on vacation… I mean, that’s likely to happen anyway
  • Would you rather live next to an active volcano or a poorly secured prison?

      • Too easy… A volcano because here in Auckland we have 53 volcanoes.One of them is bound to kick off sooner or later so I’m already living in fear

Connect with Rob over on Linkedin and give him a big warm welcome into the world of affix recruitment!