Q + A with the newest member of our tech recruitment team – Jess Hemsley-Hackett!

As the oldest of 5, Jess Hemsley-Hackett knows a thing or two about listening to people’s needs, carving out her own space, and hiding the remote so others can’t change the channel. Lucky for us, 2 out of 3 of those things are pretty darn useful in the world of recruitment. The last one is up for debate…

Even luckier for us? We’ve somehow managed to impress her enough to join the team! After doing a fair bit of travelling, studying, working and snowboarding, Jess has landed herself in the virtual land of affix. She has a personality that’ll make your Zoom fatigue fade within seconds and if you’re a sports aficionado, then we reckon you’ll get along just fine.

Keen to learn more? Go on and read what she’ll be getting up to as an affix Talent Advocate, her favourite wellness hack and why she’d choose a horse’s tail as her new accessory.

Folks, meet Jess!

Q + A with Jess Hemsley-Hackett, our new Tech Talent Advocate!

Tell us, what do you do at affix? 

So far a lot of Zoom! But to bottom line it, I enable synergies between people, their purpose and tech businesses. 

What attracted you to working at affix?

Stretching my skill set and joining a purpose led business with an incredible culture (I also needed to know the secret to Breanna’s curls). 

What tech or trend are you loving right now? 

As gyms are closed, I’m loving virtual access to my favourite studios and gyms around the country. If I’m struggling, I can turn the camera off and pant in peace. How good!? 

If you had to deliver a TED talk tomorrow, what would it be about? 

My TED talk would highlight the benefits of sport in developing society and the unity it creates for communities through connection and movement, between people of all backgrounds and abilities. 

What’s your superpower? 

Going to a location once and almost always knowing exactly how to get there again without a map! 

What’s something many people don’t know about you? 

I love country music. Not that it’s a secret or anything, I just don’t advertise that I’d rather listen to Dolly Parton than Triple J. 

What are you listening to, reading and/or watching right now? 

I’m listening to Chris Stapleton, on repeat. And I’m reminiscing on a pandemic-free life through re-runs of Sex and The City. 

What’s your favourite mental health/productivity hack? 

The outdoors. If you head outside, look around you and see the land and trees that have been growing around you for years, and look up at the stars… everything seems to fall away. 

Ok last one… time for ‘would you rather’!

  • Would you rather have a horse’s tail or a unicorn horn?
    • Horse’s tail, so I can dye it pretty colours or hide it in my pants. 
  • Would you rather be able to take back anything you say or hear any conversation that is about you?
    • Sometimes my sarcasm doesn’t land, so I’d like to be able to take it back..
  • Would you rather paint a wall with your face or your knees?
    • I wasn’t blessed with this nose for nothing, I’ll paint with my face please. 

Connect with Jess over on LinkedIn and give her a big warm welcome into the world of affix recruitment!