Hi everyone,

affix has recently hit a significant milestone after celebrating our 4th birthday last month. We’ve just had the whole crew in Melbourne to celebrate and the feeling is upbeat! Now that the champagne has been put to the side, it’s provided us with a rare opportunity to reflect, think about how far we’ve come and imagine what the next 4 years might look like.

From the very beginning, affix was built with the following three goals in mind:

– Back startups looking to scale

– Build an alternative that brought greater trust and accountability

– Create a more progressive business

This is the purpose that our team lives by and 4 years on, we have a bit of an idea on how it’s working out. Curious? Great, read on…

Getting Started

While affix was founded in 2015, the planning started a lot earlier. Countless sleepless nights went into the planning of how we might tackle our mission and in the end, the answer was pretty simple. So here goes…

At affix, our clients pay our success fee over the first 12 months of tenure and if the recruit doesn’t work out, they stop paying.

This might seem like a really simple change but the impacts have been significant. If you’re up for it, I’d like to share why.

Scaling Companies Can Afford it

The traditional recruitment industry earns most of its money by triggering a fee once a person has been successfully placed. It’s been like that forever and it’s time it changed.

It makes for a very risky and expensive transaction, especially when most scaling companies have limited capital. Our model means we protect our client’s cash flow and “de-risk” the transaction in the event things don’t work out. We love backing people who are taking risks themselves to build inspirational companies. They can be the most amazing places to work but in order to scale, they need a brand advocate to help secure the niche talent they need to succeed.

We Only Win if Everyone Wins

For a client to know success is defined by 12 months + tenure, they can be assured that we will go above and beyond to ensure that the long-term fit is right.

For a job seeker to know that success is defined by 12 months + tenure, they can know that we’re not motivated by recommending just any job, it has to be the best job with a long-term fit in mind.

Which brings me to goal number 3…

We’ve Created a Progressive Business!

It’s a proud thing to acknowledge. With the support of our investors who backed us from the start and a world-class team made up of smart people with a passion to do excellent things, we’re well on our way to achieving the goals affix set out to achieve from the beginning. It truly has been a rewarding 4 years!


There are a number of things to be thankful for when reflecting on the first 4 years of affix. On the top of that list is our incredible team! The affix family is a family and that’s VERY rare.

We couldn’t have achieved anything without those clients who trusted us with assignments or those that applied to our cheeky jobs ads. We are genuinely driven by finding people their happy (work) place and we’re excited by the impact we can have over the next 4 years.

Onwards and Upwards!

-Founder @ affix