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Remote - Australia wide

It’s Saturday morning. Sun is rising and you’re thinking to yourself, damn I could murder some eggs on toast. Not just any toast, your fav sourdough from the local bakery that somehow does it just perfectly over anywhere else. The mind then jumps to dinner, what will I cook tonight? Ooowww a delicious eye fillet from Nino and Joe’s butcher in Brunswick and some fresh kale from the local market. 

But then you start to really wake up, the realisation of having to drop 3 kids off at 3 different sports venues, visit nanna, oh and the inlaws are popping in for lunch really kicks in. Yep, all your beautiful life stuff. The important life stuff that you just wouldn’t want to miss. But you think to yourself, how the hell am I going to run around to the market, and the bakery, and the butcher amongst the life stuff I have going on? 

Well, what if you didn’t have to? What if you could order all of this straight to your house from just one place? 

And no, I’m not talking about dropping into one of the “big guys” supermarkets. I’m talking about ordering everything you need from all of your local favourites, accessing the best produce with just one order! You could have your favorite Nonno’s salami delivered straight to your door and onto your charcuterie board right in time for lunch with the in laws! 

Enter YourGrocer – a system that connects your local stores to consumers so you can support smaller independent food producers – bridging the gap between trade and transport because better food starts today. 

What’s the YourGrocer story? 
Started in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, YourGrocer came about because there had to be a better way to shop than wasting time in one of the two big supermarket chains looking at the disappointing quality on offer. Not just a better way for you and your family to get fresh, healthy and delicious food, but a way to support local businesses and communities too. A way to support Australian suppliers. And maybe, just a little bit of a way to reject the big supermarket duopoly and shift some power back to the consumer.

What’s the opportunity on offer here? 
Since their launch in 2013, they knew they were onto something because their user base kept growing and growing and they were signing on more and more stores. Seeing how much this platform has helped local stores stay in touch with the people of their community, and continue to thrive, YG wants to go beyond this. 

What if they could build something that allowed local farmers/producers to connect to this platform…….more suppliers, reach more consumers, help farmers…..the possibilities for this really are endless. 

Their mission? Build a platform that supports independent producers, and businesses and build communities that have an impact on creating an entirely new global food system. Epic right? Well, there is a lot of complexity with a platform like this. And this my friend is where you come in. 

About the roles
We are hiring senior engineers to work on building a new API and have influence over how this is built (hello choose your own adventure). This API will be powering their new mobile app that will be built. 

You will join 2 other Ruby Developers, one of them being the lead. 

We are looking for smart engineers who thrive off a strong technical challenge. It’s the work that gets you excited, you love solving complex problems (hello to the many wonderful challenges of logistics systems). 

Why should I consider this? 
We’re not talking about setting up a delivery system for the likes of Amazon here, this is food. It’s much more complex. You have perishable stuff from the local fishmonger, and you have 2 hours to get it delivered, in cold vans. 

You are taking a complex problem and finding room for optimisation. How can you enable other people around you to be successful at what they do? There is a lot of room for creativity to design solutions in what is a complex problem with real-world experience. At the end of the day, if you do good work, you will see others benefit from it, such as a regenerative farm succeed, how cool is that? 

About you
You’re someone who just loves to geek out with your teammates. But above all else, you want to work on something that is doing good things for people. 

Tech stack experience must have 

  • Ruby on Rails: We currently use Rails 5, looking to upgrade to 7
  • Git: Comfortable with the basics and making pull requests on GitHub

Nice to have 

  • JavaScript (especially React): Not directly relevant for the API work, but it’ll come up in other areas, e.g. fixing website bugs
  • PostgreSQL (or similar database systems like MySQL): Rails does the heavy lifting, but some familiarity with SQL is necessary from time to time
  • Rspec testing framework for Rails 
  • Heroku
  • Stripe payment processor

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