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Affix is super excited to once again partner with our friends at Art Processors. We are fast becoming huge fans of what they do, but more importantly it’s the people that really make this business special.

Art Processors: Who are they?
Founded in 2011, Art Processors is a digital consultancy specialising in rich and immersive visitor experiences. They work alongside and are embedded within cultural organisations, helping them build people-centric software. They specialise in visitor immersion by seamlessly blending the physical and digital world, connecting people to new ideas derived from their immediate surroundings. They don’t solve business problems – they solve human problems. 

Art Pro works with leaders of the culture industry – companies, organisations and institutions that value innovation and see the true potential of digital. Their projects stretch deep into the possibilities of visitor engagement through a fine balance of utility and storytelling. Their portfolio of projects have:

  • Brought rare and seldom-seen artifacts to life through AR and VR
  • Rethought the traditional podcast format by applying intelligent wayfinding technology to guide visitors through physical spaces to enhance their relationship with the content
  • Involved spatially triggered, choose-your-own adventure games that encourage visitors to explore landmarks around Melbourne
  • Allowed visitors to virtually queue for popular exhibits, enabling them to maximise their time exploring museums without having to wait in physical queues along the way
  • Enabled visitors to self-guide through vast collections in both linear and non-linear ways, and to find content that specifically resonates with the individual
  • Included personalised audio soundscapes that encourage visitors to be fully immersed in an exhibition without the need for screen interaction.

Art Pro’s approach is to be fearless: you won’t see them following the herd. They are drawn to clients who value experimentation and the world of opportunity it can open up.

The role:
To lead and oversee the overall technical direction of both platform and project development, focussed on producing a high-quality, robust and scalable software stack that meets the objectives of Art Processors and their range of local and international clients. You will direct all available efforts of the engineering team toward meeting the deadlines of project delivery while maintaining a positive team environment and future growth progression.


  • Define and maintain coherent structure of systems, optimising long-term cost-effectiveness and value to customers
  • Facilitate short- to mid-term technology decisions and ensure their alignment with company strategy and business goals
  • Guide and facilitate the development of platform and projects
  • Improve cadence/velocity of delivery
  • Facilitate the technical side of the delivery towards commercial targets and commitments
  • Facilitate establishment and maintenance of design, development and operational practices that will support the above, ensuring continuous maturing of Art Pro’s development practice in sync with expanding business goals
  • Foster innovation within the engineering team
  • Cultivate an inclusive environment where diversity of thought is not just present but thrives
  • Guide daily development work and related implementation activities
  • Help with planning and execution of Art Pro’s most valuable projects
  • Facilitate non-development activities and stakeholder collaboration including value/scope management, testing, client delivery, project planning, etc.


  • Proven ability in leading and having the final say on the direction of technical architecture and design
  • Soft skills in terms of guiding a team, facilitating collaboration and team decisions, establishing discipline, professional practices and governance
  • Great communication skills and the ability to explain technical solutions to non-technical people
  • Experience with project execution and delivery
  • Previous experience with building a diverse team and firm understanding on what is needed to ensure that an inclusive culture is built and maintained
  • Ability to effectively build trust with an engineering team
  • Ability to make technology decisions and implement better processes and practices
  • People mentoring skills, e.g. teaching/explaining concepts, and selecting and implementing learning paths
  • Compassion for, and understanding of, the end user
  • A clear focus on the human element of the software output 
  • Understanding of UX/UI design and in depth Front end development knowledge 
  • Passionate, creative, talented, engaged and hands-on
  • Experience developing commercial solutions on open source tech stack
  • Experience with contemporary architecture patterns for scalable, cloud-oriented platforms
  • Multi-language/stack background is a strong plus
  • Knowledge of APIs and integration technologies and patterns
  • Knowledge of cloud storage technologies and relevant design patterns
  • Experience with cloud operating infrastructure, DevOps practices, planning, costing and management (both generally and specifically in AWS).

What sets Art Processors apart:
The Art Processors team are encouraging, hard-working and able to provide their staff with the support, tools and resources required to flourish in their role. Not only will you be able to draw on the support of a widely experienced team while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in your craft – you will also have an ongoing training budget allocated for continuous learning opportunities.

At AP they don’t just accept difference — they celebrate, support & thrive off it for the benefit of their employees, products, and clients. They are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills to create an inclusive environment for all employees. They truly believe that more inclusive the team are, the better their work will be.

Art Pro has a newly renovated office in the heart of Collingwood with a soon-to-be-realised VR and AR production room, intended as a sandbox for both designers and developers to create and test the best possible products for their clients.

Art Pro encourages a positive work–life balance and respect and acknowledge that people have families and lives outside of their jobs – they understand that life happens and actively cater for a flexible working environment.

Most importantly, you’ll be involved in the process of delivering unique experiences for some of the most innovative and creative institutions in the world. At Art Pro, there will always be something new and exciting to learn.

Next steps:
Hey-  We’re affix. We have the amazing job to partner with inspiring companies such as Art Processors  to help them scale up their teams with the addition of great humans. We would love to know more about you, what your passionate about, interests and hobbies that goes beyond just reviewing your CV. So, let’s have a chat and see if this is your happy (work) place.

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