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If you know affix well, you know we are all about partnering with ambitious companies made up of talented people who are driven by making a difference and changing things for the better. This is no exception! 

We are looking for a Full Stack Technical Lead to own and manage the technical delivery of the development team for My Occ Health Record (MOHR). The tech stack that you’d be operating in is .NET Core on the backend and Angular on the front end, SQL Server and a bit of the MongoDB, and AWS hosting environment.  Being comfortable in the first two is pretty critical, with the others being nice to have. 

Overview of the company and the product 

MOHR is a B2B healthtech startup, taking on the big issues of digitally capturing, automating, managing, analysing, and securely storing employee health data. The big idea behind this is not just to create efficiencies, but to use that data for good: better decisions about employee health and safety. They have spun out of an occupational health & employee wellness business (Bodycare Workforce Solutions) that has been around for 20 years. Since launching MOHR in 2019, they’ve built a platform that will have a profound impact on the health and happiness of employees across the country, leading to better health outcomes for employees, as well as better business outcomes for Australian companies. During this challenging year they have continued to invest in building out the team in order to drive and improve the product.  They’re a curious bunch, made up of some of the smartest minds in the industry who have bold ambitions for positive change. And, also, Brian is there. 🙂 

In short, MOHR is a central hub that provides employers with a secure method for collecting, managing, storing and analysing all employee health data. You might not understand the employee health data management space, but this is genuinely a Big Deal. 

Who utilises this platform you may be asking. Well, for a full client list you will have to commit to a call with me, and even then I can’t reveal all,  but for now what I will tell you is that MOHR is a solution for companies that you have heard of, and ones that you haven’t heard of, that are critical to the day-to-day functioning of Australian life. They work with names that every Australian would recognise, as well as ones that you never knew existed.  

Sound good so far? Great, because their relationship with an already successful workplace healthcare services business means that they have the stability of an established entity, and the startup entrepreneurial mindset to be bold and interesting and audacious.

The role

Essential to MOHR’s growth plans is the appointment of a Technical Lead. As well as being a hands on development whiz, you’re a leader: you’ll thrive on working with smart technology as well as building an engineering culture that celebrates innovation and building a great product. 

You’ll be building software that’s currently iterating on the established Product-Market Fit. The emphasis will be to develop the team, build out the team’s capabilities to match the roadmap, and make strategic technology decisions in line with future ambitions. We’re seeking a leader who has knowledge and hands on experience across a .NET core, Angular 8, and AWS stack. 

The role will be a mix of 50% hands-on technical leadership and management of the development process,  and 50% people leadership so you will still be able to get your hands dirty in the code. 

Aside from managing and leading the technical team and development processes, you will engage with both the technical leadership (CTO and Architect) and the business leadership (Product Manager and Head of Business) to drive delivery of projects from ideation to completion.  You will actively participate in technology strategy conversations, and be the voice of prioritisation to manage backlog, story/epic estimations, sprint planning and showcases.

Who is the right person? 

My Occ Health Record is born from a business that cares for people, so naturally they are looking for a technology leader who is reflective of their values and is supportive, collaborative, wants to be part of an environment that feels like family, is people centric and caring.

What else? 

While this is a unique “start-up” environment, with a sister company providing stability and customer base that most start-ups could only dream of, this is still a start-up. We need someone that will come in with an attitude of doing what needs to be done, and not someone that expects the hierarchy, discipline, and resources of an established corporation. No one available to do some testing? It will need to be you. Business Analyst is tied up with a client and can’t attend a grooming session? You’ll need to document (at least the basics). Chief Architect can’t do a code review? You’ll need to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with the team to assess whether the code meets standard. It’s an all-in kind of role, but that’s what makes it amazing. 

Overall, this is a role with a smart company who are building things that matter. Reporting to the Chief Technology Officer/Architect, but also accountable to the Product Manager and the Head of the Business, you’ll be able to develop the team in an environment that will help build your own leadership to its full potential.

Interested? Did I do enough to sway you? If so – my work here is done, but yours is not. Apply, contact us and let’s talk.

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