Software Development Engineer in Test


Here’s a spicy little number for all you automation junkies out there! This household Brissy software house is ready to embark on a 5 year project which will have a huge impact on making our roads a safer place!
Now here’s where you fit in!
We’re looking for a Software Development Engineer in Test to join a multi-disciplinary team of legends, and jump straight into the saddle where you’ll create software components, tools, and scripts that enable you and your team to express and execute automated tests so as to consistently deliver high-quality, robust and performant software products.
These tests cover a range of targets including browser-based user interfaces, microservices, applications and APIs developed by your team, and are able to be executed locally by a developer, as part of an automated CI/CD pipeline, or within a staging environment.
You be led by the Test Automation Architect, to collectively align and advance architectures and technologies as industry innovates and practices evolve.
Here’s the main things we reckon you’ll need to kick ass in this role:

  • Experience working in a SaaS environment that utilises DevOps and SRE practices with an emphasis on automation!
  • Fluent in expressing user stories and associated test cases in Gherkin syntax within BDD feature files and code repositories
  • Proficient in creating software components, tools and scripts to automate tests for cloud-native browser-based user interfaces, microservices, applications and APIs
  • Familiarity using a range of related languages and technologies such as C# / .NET Core, JavaScript/TypeScript, Selenium, Cypress, Jest and others
  • Familiar with REST, gRPC, JSON, and/or XML
  • Competent with source code control, agile workflow and CI/CD pipeline tools
  • Comfortable working in both Windows and Linux environments, and familiar with utilising both on-prem and public cloud infrastructure, such as AWS

A day in the life of a Software Developer in Test would look a bit like this:

  • Work with a Product Manager and Agile product focussed team, ensuring delivered quality of product functionality and performance
  • Conceive and develop BDD tests from user stories and their acceptance criteria, and by understanding how applications, interfaces and other software components interact
  • Write supporting test automation code to enable the validation of browser-based user interfaces, microservices, applications and APIs using the automation test framework and tools established by the Test Automation Architect
  • Assist team members to also contribute to the writing and development of tests
  • Diagnose customer issues referred by application support, and use findings to extend or further improve test cases to guard against regression
  • Act as a voice in the continuous improvement of people, processes and technology

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