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So, we all know that COVID has absolutely smashed the hospitality industry over the last 18 months. Businesses have had to fundamentally change the way they operate to survive. Chefs couldn’t serve people sitting in their restaurants and I imagine they had sad faces under those big white hats, so needed a way to get their food onto peoples tables at home… 

Ready? Enter… Providoor!

If you consider yourself a foodie, I’m willing to bet you know who these guys are. But just in case you don’t (honestly, I’d be quietly judging and wondering whether you’re any fun at parties) then have a look because I promise you, they’re here to stay. 

Ok, so what’s the role all about?

It’s an exciting role that’s for sure. You will own their social channels –  planning, strategizing, collaborating and executing across Facebook and Instagram, but will soon be adding TikTok in the mix – because lets be honest, everyone loves a good cooking reel! 

This role is not just about scheduling content and letting it do its thing or posting amazing photos of incredible food (although that will be part of it I’m sure) – the real fun is going to be engaging with restaurants, chefs, influencers and customers to create inspiring copy and content.  It’s thinking outside of the box to support and deliver real results for the business. 

A little bit about you:

If you are creative, understand the ins and outs of all things social as well as being a sucker for some good food-porn then you are halfway there! 

You will need to be creative in the way you approach writing copy and sharing content to get people talking, sharing and well, cooking! The days of a standard social media post with a discount code are well and truly gone. Surely there are more interesting ways to engage with customers whether they are returning or first time users? You’re the marketer, I’ll leave that one for you to work out!!

You will most likely be sitting client side owning social channels, but might be looking to be more strategic, make a greater impact or flex your creative muscles. But! You’re on the tools. When it comes to Social and Community, right now  – you’re it. This is an environment where you will be encouraged to test the boundaries, be playful and proactive – no idea is a bad idea (except for clangers like “super tasty” – we can do better than this!), as long as it is thought out and takes broader business goals into consideration. 

Even though Providoor has only been in the market for just over 12 months, they have experienced huge success and have created some amazing moments and memories for their customers. If this is a story that you want to be part of, apply below or reach out and say hi!

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