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Enjoy all things stocks and share trading? Have you dabbled in cryptocurrency too? I’m not here to tell you what’s good or what’s bad to trade in – in all honesty, I’m hoping you might?  

In fact, Australia’s first flat-fee share trading platform really would want you to too or have the interest to learn about it… The good people at SelfWealth are looking for a Social and Content Lead, who has the innate ability to make people feel things with the written word, a human who is keen to own the social channels, creating engaging, relevant content.

Who is SelfWealth? They started the idea for low-cost share trading in Australia. They were the first to launch flat-free trading, because why not? No one likes hidden fees and surprise markups. Also, their 86,000 active traders really rate it too. The driver of this platform is to support and enable positive long-term trading generating your own  ‘Self’ ‘Wealth’. See what I did there???

Who are you? You must be a storyteller, have the ability to draft, edit and launch content within a short timeframe. You must be excited about collaboration partnerships, too. There is real breadth in what content can be and there is a real driver to create webinar series and podcasts, too. 
This role will be predominantly creating content for the website and other external channels – your content would reach SelfWealth’s active traders along with anyone in the market searching for a new trade-sharing platform. Imagine nurturing new investors by educating them on what’s out there, and the potential of investment when being empowered by your own decision..

You must also be someone who has an intimate understanding of all major social channels (the common ones, of course) – always up to speed about all the latest trends. 

Most of all a personal interest in the stock market, no need to have an extensive background in finance or investment – just a curious mindset. 

Interested? Why not apply?

Sound like you? Intrigued? Curious? Interested? If so, apply and then say hi! Emails and LinkedIn messages are ok, but a direct application is MUCH better. Also, I’m hopeless with voice mails, so I probably want to avoid that option. 

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