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BUZZINGGGGGG to have linked arms with an exceptional ecomm Brissy success story, to help them kick off a search to find a skilled up SEO Specialist for their team.

Yep, if you’re in agency land, you 100% know these guys. 

They’ve got a phenom rep.
They have tip-top leadership. And
They know who they are + what they’re good at.

Oh, and they have mad respect for the work they do in the industry too. 

This agency ALWAYS puts their employees and their clients at the heart of everything they do, and they are pros at keeping their finger on the pulse of moving digital forward for their clients. And, they seamlessly do this by staying committed to offering their team the best of the best in training and development. 

They’re also backed by a global footprint with offices across the globe, and have some of the best and leading brands under their management. 

These guys don’t play small! Cool, huh? 

Ok, enough about them. Let’s talk all thing you! 

SEO is truly your jam. You’ve dipped your toes in all facets from content, to tech, to strategy, and you boss all of them, TBH. 

You get massive kicks from owning an SEO strategy, and there’s a degree of comfortability and fluency you possess for working with BIG and beautiful brands. 

Here’s the 411… 

  • Implementing all aspects of SEO for the client to get solid, targeted results. Folks, this means technical, content, link building, and website usability. ALL THE things;
  • Taking charge and full accountability of your clients’ results; 
  • Regular monitoring of website performance via Google Analytics and a range of SEO industry-standard tools;
  • Is it even an SEO gig without reporting? Ha! Yes, you will absolutely be doing your fair share of analysis and reporting, and you’ll be sharing your findings through Data Studio, to not only clients, but the team and wider business when needed;
  • Build meaningful relationships with your clients, communicating with your clients, building trust through showcasing your knowledge and expertise in ALL things SEO;
  • Undertake ALL THE research into the competitive landscape so you can confidently provide recommendations to your clients, and adjust your SEO approach if the need arises;
  • Developing the keyword strategy, keyword mapping to key pages, and optimising them all in order to enhance visibility in Google Search;
  • Auditing websites and providing technical recommendations for improving SEO visibility and performance – you do this pretty easily, actually!;
  • Implementing testing strategies, UX recommendations and any other onsite improvements in collaboration with web developers or the wider marketing team that’ll see your client succeed; And
  • Working closely with a team of other digital marketing consultants to ensure strategies are well-aligned across disciplines and are all working to achieve and kick client goals.

Not to brag or anything, but you have… 

  • 2+ years Experience implementing SEO with an understanding of key elements affecting SEO performance; 
  • The credentials in delivering a wide range of areas including SEO audits, migrations, keyword research, content recommendations, on-page deliverables and wider strategic SEO recommendations;
  • A strong understanding of SEO, with an ability to explain how SEO fits into the marketing mix;
  • You live and breathe SEO – you’re someone who is right across the latest and greatest developments in the SEO space;
  • You’re well-versed with SEO reporting and using Google Analytics, Data Studio and Google Search Console; And
  • You know your way around all the ‘COOL’ SEO tools (Google Webmaster, Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc) and you have a natural confidence to work in excel to extract relevant data (pivot tables, queries, etc.). 

Sound like your thing?

Great! Let’s get the ball rolling. Say hi via the details below, OR, bypass the hi and just apply. #easy

Shannon Greaves 
0458 184 555
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Eron Castro 
0401 002 988  
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