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So, ladies and gentlemen, we finally have positive things to talk, read and write about! Stating the obvious that Melbourne has, well, it hasn’t been the most liveable city in recent times, has it? I daresay, the various annual surveys won’t be coming up Melbourne for 2020. I am going to put it out there, much like the AFL this year, nobody really cares about who receives said title this year.
But on a positive note, how good has the traffic been??? See? Every cloud…
As you can see, we have a role to talk about. A role that requires you to write all of the things. But, there’s more!
Many businesses have had to undergo a change this year for many reasons and this is no exception. This is an initial contract gig, with flexibility on the type of engagement that could suit 3 – 5 days a week.
At the core of this, we need someone with contacts, experience and credibility within Financial Services. Property/Real Estate wouldn’t hurt, either. There is a key publication that needs looking after in terms of the relationship, but also the quality of content for their readers. This is a demanding, yet high-value relationship.
You will need to not only be able to write and create content, but you will need to be able to self-manage and be largely come up with the ideas. Who is the audience? What stories are relevant, engaging, educational in the area of (residential) real estate? This is the priority. There is help and support, but the ideas need to be driven by you.
Beyond that, let’s look to the future. What role does digital have to play in content and communications? Who is our current audience? Who are we targeting and how do we reach them? Experience and knowledge across digital channels would be beneficial, too.
I’ve said some stuff, I know it’s a little vague-ish, but…
If this has grabbed your attention and if you think this could be you, apply and say hi. I also think it goes without saying, we’d be looking for something a little sharper than “I are good at job. I write
real good.”
Next steps.
There is a lot more we can tell you, but for now, it’s over to you. Make sure you apply, but not just “I’ll flick my CV through kind-of-apply” we want to know your story, the one that’s behind your CV.
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