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Disclaimer: Don’t eat while reading this job ad, especially if it’s takeout. Seriously. You have been warned.

Have you ever ordered takeout from a food delivery service (Uber Eats, Menulog etc) and thought “Yeah this is delicious, but I wonder if I’ll end up with food poisoning from this”. I have, and oh boy does it suck when you find out the establishment you’ve ordered from is being fined by the Food and Safety regulatory body for finding rat droppings in their prep area or bakeries hosting live weevils in their food.

We’re living in a more remote first world, and if you’re just as bad of a cook as I am, you’re finding yourself ordering more food online than ever before. The issue of quality, hygienic and safe environments where your meals are coming from for both you and your family is no longer a matter of convenience but is now (rightfully so) under scrutiny as it’s an absolute necessity.

So it’s bloody good when we get to partner with a tech start-up tackling the challenge of food safety to find a Software Engineer and help drive this product to market to not only genuinely save lives, but make the restaurants that do the right thing stand out.

About the gig

With their product currently being used by over 600 Oporto sites and further integration conversations with Uber, Hungry Jacks, Hilton and Mariotte hotel chains, we’re looking for a Software Engineer that will continue to build their platform into a highly scalable product as they grow both locally and internationally.

The role will see you working closely with the Technical Lead, working more on the Back End for feature builds, helping scale the platform’s infrastructure to support hundreds of locations coming online to helping with the overall architecture of the platform.
The technical
Their tech stack (and what you’ve ideally worked on) is:

  • Angular 8+ TypeScript
  • Node.JS
  • MongoDB
  • AWS

What’s in it for you
You can expect:

  • Very flexible WFH arrangement – you work in the way that’s best for you. There may be the occasional in-person requirement meeting within the Brisbane Metro area.
  • Career development – as a young fast-scaling start-up there is room to grow and promote from within
  • Down to earth humans looking to make a positive impact globally – solving interesting challenges with people who genuinely care about the problem domain

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