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About the business
This well-kept Brisbane secret NFP software house is looking for 2 x Senior Ruby Developers, and the work they do is, well, nothing short of incredible! If you come on board, not only will you be just rubbing shoulders with some of the best engineers in Brisbane, but you’ll also be plugged into an international community of scientists and researchers building applications and solutions that make up part of the Australian Federal Government’s eResearch infrastructure roadmap. All this in conjunction with the Australian Universities and CSIRO for innovation across science, health and technology! They actively work with Universities and research centers across the globe that are focused on tackling issues from COVID, human genome mapping, children’s cancer research to enabling astrophysicists to identify low wave frequencies in space and capturing gravitational waves.
It’s no wonder the annual tenure of engineers within this organization is more than 5+ years!
Amazing, right? It gets better from here so keep reading!
The role
The applications and solutions built are state of the art and cutting edge, and we mean that in the truest sense. They have a hard-line emphasis on doing things right the first time, with minimal to next to no ‘firefighting’ of existing technical issues meaning from the get-go you are working on production ready codeTheir applications as mentioned have an incredible amount of identity management, authentication, and security layers as you’ll be dealing with incredibly sensitive information moving between Universities and research centers across the world.
You will have full end-to-end ownership and the term full stack couldn’t be more applicable with this role. From writing best in class Ruby on Rails code, to managing AWS infrastructure migrating EC2 instances to Docker, you will have your hands busy with the entire technical stack!
This isn’t a role where you will be siloed or pressured with timelines forcing you to cut corners. This is about best practice and optimization from start to finish.
The technical requirements
We are looking for someone with the following experience:

  •  5+ years Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  •  Integrating open-source components and 3rd-party APIs
  • Utilising automated code testing/linting (Unit tests, Integration tests, Feature tests, Brakeman, Rubocop, etc)
  • Deploying on scalable, highly available and secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies
  • Infrastructure as code (IaC), primarily focused on CloudFormation

In return you can expect

  • 35 hour working week
  • Salary sacrifice benefits and allowance for mortgage/rent under a not-for-profit schedule
  • Ability to opt for 17.5% Super contribution (a benefit generally only awarded to Government or Education sectors)
  • Very generous long service leave arrangements
  • Very flexible work from home allowances
  • Mandatory Friday 1pm-4pm ‘Hack Time’ – learn new programming languages, processes or concepts to apply in your day to day. Want to learn Scala, Haskell or Reverse Proxy in AWS and use that in your day-to-day? Perfect! In fact, some ideas that have come from this have scaled to European markets!
  • A great team of co-workers who are passionate about tech

If you’re looking to move into a new role where you have full ownership over everything you produce, where you can build best-in-class software, utilising best practice techniques to create applications that can have a positive global impact – then you my friend, are the person we’ve been looking for!
How can I apply?
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0407 903 686

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