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The pandemic-era has changed our ways of working, for good, in tech. Welcoming greater flexibility to the industry has been brilliant, and a real game-changer for folks with young families, side-businesses, studying, and even those just with longer commutes or a bit of a penchant for a sleep-in. There is, however, something fundamental missing… something social, human, and dare I say it, fun! I don’t think I’m alone in craving the informal, unplanned, & spontaneous social magic of coming together with your co-workers, either.

Whilst workers might miss some elements of “the office”, a return to conventional spaces and our old ways of working are off the cards, leaving room for something new and more meaningful to emerge. Enter, our lovely friends at Equiem. They’re in the business of reinventing our modern workplace experiences, and making work really work for us. We are delighted to help grow their engineering team with the addition of a Senior Software Engineer as they continue to scale their platform & breathe life back into our workspaces.

First, let me go into who Equiem is…
They are a leading commercial tenant experience technology platform. Their platform transforms buildings and workplaces into social hubs of greater connection, innovation, and community… basically all the very best parts of being a human! They believe that people are the heart and soul of the workplace, and that with the right tools & support, we can make the moments we spend at work more vibrant, productive and valuable.

These folks have been on a pretty spectacular journey so far. In the last 10 years they’ve grown from a seedling idea born in Melbourne, to now operating across APAC, North America and the UK. They’ve maintained the heart & soul of a startup, despite growing exponentially. They’re still small enough that everyone has a say in + an impact on their roadmap, all whilst working with autonomy and your own creativity.

The Platform
They’re a B2B2C product; so whilst their customers are large commercial real estate groups, their core user base are their customers’ tenants; workers, the actual building occupiers. This means that their platform is both broad and deep — it’s safe to say that their product is many things to many people! Landlords use dashboards to engage with their tenants, tenants share content and engage with others in the building, there’s some almost eComm-like elements where you can order food and drink, and book meeting rooms, pilates classes, bike lockers… just about anything & everything within a building.

The techy bits
Equiem’s tech stack is across React, NextJS, TypeScript, NodeJS, GraphQL, & Postgres running on AWS.

Now let’s get into the role!
As a Senior Software Engineer you are someone who prides yourself on owning your work end-to-end, from gathering requirements through to system design and architecture, to deployment (and beyond). As a leader within the team, your role is to ensure best practices are understood & valued so that all new code is maintainable, secure, performant, resilient, and well-tested. You enjoy mentoring & coaching others on the team, are a big advocate of sharing knowledge, and enjoy close collaboration with product and other parts of the business. As a small team that values innovation, it’s important to Equiem that you value your own learning & contribute your ideas back to the team so that their tech stack, tooling, and ways of working can continuously evolve for the better.

A little bit about you…

  • You possess a deep understanding of modern web app development & best practices in software engineering.
  • You have full stack development experience with NodeJS, TypeScript and front end JavaScript framework/s – theirs is React, but we’re open to hearing from folks with Angular or Vue experience too.
  • You have experience working with relational databases and AWS.  
  • You have experience with service oriented architecture.
  • You love explaining + breaking down complex technical ideas to others, are an active listener, with great written and verbal communication skills.

Even if you don’t quiiiite have experience in their  full tech stack, we’d still love to hear from fullstack JavaScript engineers who are open to learning.

Why Equiem?
Equiem are a close-knit, passionate, and inclusive bunch who enjoy a great balance of remote-first flexibility *and* coming together to collaborate & celebrate as a team. They welcome diversity in all of its forms and have great ambitions in this space to continue increasing the diversity of their team. They aren’t perfect and have everything figured out just yet… but they are welcoming, transparent and committed to this space. Their #workperks to support their people include a purchased leave scheme, work from home flexibility, individualised learning & development budgets, opportunities to attend conferences, and more. 

Just a little bit curious?! Let’s have a chat to see if this can be your happy (work) place.

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