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League of Legends, Counter Strike and DOTA. If you’re reading this and thinking firstly A) I know these games and they’re sick and B) I would love to get involved in these gaming communities, then look no further!
I’ve just sent an AFK to my squad and paused my Twitch stream, what’s going on here?
An Australian-first Esports start-up based in Newstead with their sights set on both Asian & North American markets are looking to grow their dev team, and fast. After successful funding with an additional investment inbound, they’re a well-funded team of 9 looking to add to another to their pizza eating, beer drinking family.
What do they need (besides my sick quick scope abilities)?
These guys are on the hunt for a Front End developer that will be comfortable being the only Front End developer in a team, working closely with an existing design + back-end team and someone wanting to own the front end segment of the business. They have an existing product in market that needs polishing for the short-term, with the view of additional features & product development becoming a part of the road-map that comes off the back of international expansion.
So what’s the tech look like and what are they needing?
Only the Front End favourites including:
  • ReactJS / Redux / GatsbyJS
  • Firebase
  • Solid SSR understanding & API integration experience 
  • Git & Gitflow experience 
  • Experience building or working on SPAs
  • Esports fan is a definite plus
The perks that come from joining this clan
+10 Agility to Work from home 1-day per week & flexible start/end times
+15 Strength to Your career as their investment and subsequent scaling could potentially mean you’re managing a small team of developers in the next 6-12 months
+20 Intelligence as you’ll be working with cutting edge tech on a complex product
+10 Stamina as your new happy work(place) is a few meters away from Gasworks
While technical requirements are necessary, just as importantly they are looking for a good human. That means getting sh#$t done, delving head first into existing code and improving it, not being afraid to tell (yes, even the founders) that they’re wrong at times if you feel you can add value or improve what they’re doing.
I want to hear more and be part of this guild
Hang up your new gig wanderer’s cloak and reach out on the details below
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