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Having recently raised its Series A, this rapidly scaling global marketplace is a leader in the alternative assets and Web3 world.
Whom might this be, you ask? Flippa.
Tell me more. Who are they?
If you’re close to the Melbourne start-up scene or have an interest in marketplaces, chances are you probably know of Flippa. It’s a marketplace with a bit of a difference, based on the problem it solves and the people they serve.
It is a platform to sell and buy online businesses and digital assets. Investing in or buying any business is hard. Selling one is bloody hard as well. This is the core of what Flippa does.
What about the culture?
I can use a lot of buzzwords and keywords one might look for or expect here. But what do I think?
The DNA of the business is – knowing the customer. As simple as that REALLY knowing the customer and solving their problems. This breeds collaboration within the team, and it’s where people are proactive – they care about and believe in what Flippa is doing. It’s definitely a good environment to learn but will also be supported in the level of scope and autonomy that this role brings.
Authentic, supportive and it’s a safe space to test and experiment but everyone is getting on with it.
Why now?
Flippa has been around since 2009. It has enjoyed a lot of success in that time. Now? Fresh from a significant cap raise, now is the time to really scale. At pace.
There is a lot to do here and a lot of opportunity. Without trying to roll out a sales pitch, there aren’t many better times to join an organisation like this. This role plays a meaningful part in helping to shape the business and how it scales.
But, how about the role?
There are a few parts to this and it’s worth mentioning, that there is some degree of ambiguity and capacity to help shape and define. We don’t know all the answers.
The overall theme of the challenge of the business, and where this role plays a significant part, is bringing buyers and sellers closer together. In most cases, both sides of the marketplace don’t know what they want.
If we simplify what this role might look like, it’s a commercially challenging analytics role whilst thinking longer-term about the role Data Science/ML has to play and data becoming more proactive and involved in all parts of the conversation.
Defining models and metrics that really matter to the business and the customer. Dealing with data and complexity to really drive personalisation and the best possible customer experience.
Whom do I need to be?
You could be a DA wanting to step up into a senior role. Commercially growth-focused with experience in working with finance/sales/revenue/consulting teams.
Marketplace, eCommerce and start-up experience aren’t essential, but they would be helpful. Experience in something that has scaled and understanding that environment, the pace and ambiguity that brings, at times, would be advantageous. Or even a real desire to move into something smaller, innovative and fast-paced. But you know what it means to work with technology, product, marketing, sales and commercial teams.
You need to be proactive in spotting and solving problems. Naturally inquisitive and a desire to be hands-on with and really know the customer.
Driving be learning and driving outcomes. A want to understand the wider business goals and how your role helps to support that.
If that above makes sense and sounds possibly like the best thing ever, apply and say hi!
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