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I’m psyched to tell you all about a super rad business that we’ve recently partnered with to help them find their next family member to join their team and drive one of the most exciting roles I’ve seen in Brisbane.

We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know these guys very well over the past couple of months and have been fortunate enough to really get the inside scoop on where they’re heading, the journey they’ve been on, and let me tell you – it’s an impressive one to say the least!
So who are they, what do they do and the what problems are they trying to solve?

These guys are a scaling Brisbane based tech business that to date, has a presence established in over 26 countries globally. They have developed a revolutionary SaaS product that offers ground-breaking automation and scale-up capabilities to Google AdWords agencies globally, and I should probably mention, they are firmly backed by GOOGLE + MICROSOFT! 
Founded a little over six years ago now, these guys are the only players in their space with a super unique ‘USP’ that solves Paid Performance Managers’ problems by providing them with the ability to automate their #secretsauce at a campaign level and ANY management process they can conceive via a drag-and-drop flowchart engine. Pretty rad huh?
These guys are a bunch of the most humble and intelligent people you will meet. Seriously.
Alright, let’s talk about you and what the work looks like. 
You’re the type of person that isn’t shy of rolling up the sleeves to do some initial work on an existing code base of building unit testing, CI pipelines and general code cleaning for the short to mid-term.
Their scale and vision for the product is to kick the product into a whole new gear which will see the platform move into Machine Learning territory. This means the product in future will predict and making suggestions for users to optimise their AdWords and sponsored links with the aim to automate a HUGE agency market that have dedicated account managers currently performing these tasks.
You’re the type of person that’s in it for the long haul – someone that isn’t afraid to be part of a journey to create a product that has a far-reaching impact on how businesses compete on a global stage in future.

Here are a few little dot points around the tech stack and skillset requirement: 

  • Java/Scala/Kotlin
  • JavaScript/Typescript (React and Lift frameworks)
  • Experience with SaaS product development highly regarded
  • Experience within the SEO domain space highly regarded (and if not – they’ll provide funds for you to gain a deeper appreciation to how it all works!)

What should you expect in return?

  • Work directly with the CTO who wants you to be an integral part of the architectural build
  • Flexibility with work times – the team will understand and respect that you’ll know how to delegate your time
  • This will potentially grow into a technical lead role in future

Sounds like you? Want to be part of re-imagining how businesses market themselves to their customers? Let’s chat!
Daniel Belic
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M – 0407 903 686

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