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Ad copy is usually pretty mundane, boring, robotic and often a copy and paste of the job spec that was created when we all had the same haircuts as the cast from Friends. 

I did. I was Chandler. Could I beeeeee any more 90s cliche???  

But, not here, gang! 

What I want to do is give you a bit of an overview of what this is and my take on things. A snippet, if you will. I won’t give you all the answers, or every single detail – much like your CV can’t tell me all there is to know about you. Many have tried. 

Oftentimes organisations I work with, at various stages of growth, remind me of that South Park episode with the Underpants Gnomes…

Step 1: Steal underpants 
Step 2: *shrugs*
Step 3: PROFIT! 

Mostly that would refer to strategy, vision, or overall direction. SelfWealth knows what it is, the purpose and the vision. Leadership is aligned. This, to me, is like a well-funded start-up. It’s been around for a little while, it’s still lean and fast-paced but now it is really growing up. 

Where the underpants gnomes come into play is that there is a lot to do. A lot to figure out, validate, test, prioritise and deliver. This is the good bit. You get to play a key role here in really making SelfWealth and Product and Tech-driven business. 

But what about the gig? 

There are a number of cross-functional scrum teams, of which you’ll need to lead one. You’ll need to break down the product roadmap for delivery and drive it. This gig, to begin with, will be all about getting it done. 

This role does provide the pathway to moving into an end-to-end Product Manager role. But for now, there are systems and processes that don’t currently exist – you’ll need to either find it or create it. 

You’ll have a voice at the table, the ability to influence and identify/solve problems. 

Who do you need to be? 

The obvious one is that you’ll have experienced working in an environment like this – lots of change and growth. Ambiguity and the need to make quick decisions and drive outcomes. 

Ideally, you’ve had some time being a BA or having done a lot of what a BA does, getting into the detail and handhold on hygiene. 

See the opportunity to influence decisions and help create a culture as a good thing. Experience in capital markets or broader trading or FinTech would be a plus point. 

The Culture? 

This is a very customer-driven organisation. The people within the business do actually care about providing a good experience and value to help users create wealth. It starts from there but being the 4th largest trading platform in Australia, it’s a bloody good start but there is the sense that there is immense opportunity. 

You have good people, smart but humble and know they don’t know all the answers. It’s supportive, collaborative and just human. Balance is important and all these nice, warm and fuzzy things I’ve mentioned, they aren’t just things they say for the sake of employer branding, they actually do it. No egos here. Not a whiff of it. 

A lot of what I’ve written comes from me and my experience and what I’ve seen with SelfWealth, across a number of teams. If this sounds like somewhere you could be happy and feel valued? Great, apply and say hi. 

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