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I know what you’re thinking. I, too, would love a bag of hot chips, generous with the chicken salt. I’m with you. But you’re also thinking – “Sara, what is this role? Tell me the things I need to know and tell me quickly!”
Firstly, settle down. Secondly, yeah alright, I’ll get to it – but you’re not the boss of me! Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about this role, which in essence, is a content role.
In terms of the team environment, you’ll be surrounded by Marketing (no big surprise here), Product, Analytics, Design and Development. You’ll be reporting to the Product Marketing Manager and although being friends with everyone is important, the gang in Data Analytics will have to be your besties. Tell them jokes that involve numbers – they’ll love it.
You’ll be managing a lot of the above stakeholders and external agencies around timelines and deliverables. This might be content, comms, design that goes out externally to customers or partners.
The key things you’ll be doing and have accountability for is content creation and delivery. This will mostly be written and distributed through the usual channels, but you’ll need to be able to think bigger picture – understanding the strategy and goals of the business and whether the creative and message is aligned to support those business objectives.
Now, I know I emphasised written content, but you’ll need to be comfortable with videography, web design, graphic design – enough to be dangerous.
This is a person that is creative and customer-first but can tie that back to business and commercial objectives. We’re pretty open on background – whether you’re agency or client-side, you can work at pace as well as navigate and manage multiple stakeholders.
How was my pitch? Sound interesting? Then… Apply! Apply! Apply!
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