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So, this isn’t a job title we see much of in Melbourne, do we? I don’t know why that is, it’s just an observation. But job titles don’t really matter, do they? It’s the role, the scope, the problems you’re solving and the environment you’re working in.
So, let’s talk about that, shall we?
My read on this gig is that it is, to begin with, and out-and-out top of funnel growth marketing role. You will be snuggling up, very closely, into all things acquisition. Have you ever travelled on the tube, or rush hour on the subway that personal space isn’t a thing and you’re in someone’s armpit? Yup, that kind of close.
But what does that look like?
You’ll be working in a multi-discipline digital team and this largely consists of marketing (thanks captain obvious), data analytics, design and product. You’ll be influential and support Product team members assess and find product-market fit and testing MVP’s through multiple channels. You’ll be playing a lot with design, development, growth and corporate marketing teams and you’ll need to ensure product initiatives and enhancements have strong product messaging and the strategy to support the companies objectives. A lot of thinking, leading, managing and doing.
The environment? This is a business trying to drive innovation and really reinvent itself. A lot of support and resources behind it, but a safe space to test things, to blow things up – but let’s learn from it. There will be some complexity in stakeholder management, but by and large, a place to get on with it. You have one direct report – so you have the support in delivery around content, campaigns and design briefs.
Sound interesting? Have I done a good enough job to make you curious? Then please apply and say hi. I hope you do because I just can’t handle the rejection right now.
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