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Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is a Product Management role! And you would be 100% correct! What you didn’t know (unless you read my post sharing this particular job) is that it is with Providoor!
Yup, the food thing that delivers food where you have to actually do some cooking. Now, I’m not going to lie – the wife and I tried this thing during lockdown in 2020. You know that thing we’ve tried to forget that we’re somehow back in again? Yup.
So anyway, we did this thing and when I’m in the kitchen, let’s just say confidence levels for a successful outcome are not high. They are not high. But there is a happy ending to this story. In short, I cooked some stuff. It was awesome. I was awesome. The instructions – WAY better than that stuff you get at IKEA. I didn’t have to, at all, go back to step 2, from step 11 to undo everything I’ve done and start all over again. Not once.
You remember when Captain Planet would say: “The power is yours!” It very much felt like that. The power really was mine.
Anywho, Product Management gig in a scaling marketplace that is growing at ludicrous speed. But what is it like working there? There’s real purpose and knowing that they’re onto something here. As I’ve said in other posts, good humans that are also bloody smart and good at what they do with a sense of togetherness. It’s tight-knit. They make jokes and I, for one, like jokes.  
But where does this role come in?
There are clear immediate deliverables and there is a long-term view on how this role can really contribute. Managing the roadmap and external stakeholders/partners from a technology standpoint. Drive change and improvements on the platform to cater to scaling, improve and remove friction. Really looking at the best possible customer experience whilst supporting the increased number of users.
As the business grows, changes in technology, tools, systems, and ways of working. You will be heavily involved in the decision-making here. You’ll have your eye on future innovation and what that can mean for the business and customer.
Who do you need to be?

Data-driven. Yup, I said it. Obsessed with knowing the customer(s) to really understand the problems and potential opportunities. Proactive and a problem-solver but able to run experiments to bring learnings and insights back into the business. Experience in web/app-based start-up (pre-revenue or post-revenue) is critical. Experience in eCommerce is of interest and bonus points for domain experience (food tech/delivery).
So if this all sounds interesting and is enough to get you excited and you know a ton of really bad jokes? Well… apply and say hi!
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