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Here at affix we love partnering with ambitious businesses like our friends over at Memories who have dedicated themselves to using tech for good. ‘The global pandemic has put many things into perspective, and the need for companies to lead with a communityfirst, people-oriented approach is just one of them. 93% of employees today believe now, more than ever before, companies must lead with purpose.’

With statistics like that we make it our mission to partner with companies that we believe our candidate community can really make an impact to help others.

If you are a Product Designer who wants a chance to make a real difference then keep reading…

About Memories:
Launched in Melbourne in 2014, Memories Group Limited (MGL) comprises two products; Future me and Memories. Together they are a digital legacy platform that allows people to capture their personal legacies and safeguard their most cherished memories of their loved ones, including those that have passed in an ad-free, private and secure space online. MGL closed its Series A capital raising in June 2021, with a total investment of $34.0m

How does memories work?

  • Timeline: Your own webpage to visually capture a lifetime of memories for you or a loved one, even when they have passed.
  • Future Messages: A modern day time capsule that helps you record messages to be delivered in the future.
  • Vault: Your Vault gives you the option to keep your most precious memories safe, secure and private.
  • Memories Store: Send physical gifts to loved ones and/or contribute virtual gifts to their Timelines.

Data talks- MGL reach as of July 2021:

  • 5.8 million members with on average 200k new members per month across 195 countries
  • 8 million active engagements
  • 388k app downloads
  • 878k unique visitors in July alone

The who, what and why
I could sit here and try to explain to you why I think this product is important but I think Tom can do it much better…

“Memories helps us sustain human love, sharing our true selves beyond the noise, pretence and division of social media. No ads. No trolls. No judgement. It preserves those in-between moments, the authentic experiences that shape who we really are. Memories provides a digital space for us all to share stories without judgement and without the impulse to censor our thoughts.

The human need for connection, community and authenticity goes beyond the instant gratification of likes and shares or the performance that our current digital platforms demand. Our customers tell us that Memories feeds our shared longing for purpose, to know that we are part of a lineage of people who built their lives so that we can flourish. With Memories we can know and honour those stories. For my mate’s families, for my family, for everybody.”

About the team:
Throughout April-August 2021, MGL has brought its Product and Technology team in-house.The team is global, with developers located in Australian, European and American time zones, providing MGL with 24/7 development.

With the team currently sitting at 45 MGL has recently hired over 17 people (made up of permanent employees and contractors) across product, design, data and technical support to support their growth and increase in demand for the product.

When scaling the team they are committed to hiring people who are reflective of their values. (Speed) They move lightning fast, learn and evolve. (Bold) The team is filled with innovative leaders and risk-takers who are (Impact) big thinkers and know anything is possible. (Collaboration) Honesty and transparency drives the team (Fun) while happiness fuels their creativity and success.
About the role:
Reporting directly to the Chief Delivery Officer this role will be responsible for the design of Memories B2B and B2C products. You will be involved in developing new and existing ideas from initial concept stage through prototyping and finally to production, as well as optimising the design of existing products.By partnering with cross-functional teams and customers, you will turn your insights into human centered design products in a creative environment that requires proven leadership skills and the ability to execute a creative vision. You will work with the core team in Australia and be supported by staff in the Philippines, and satellite staff in the UK and USA.

Things to look forward to being apart of:
Memories- Mapping out how to use AI to allow for a seamless onboarding journey. Evolving & improving the memorial and living memories to ensure they are world class by adding new features such as guest book, music integration and improving virtual store and enhancing the mobile app experience.

Future me- Originally built by amazon before it was acquired by MGL will go through an entire rebranding. You will be central around the enhancement of the user journey including things like push prompts of when and what to write when users may need a reminder/ nudge and partnering with an external agency for the roll out of a new mobile app

Role and responsibilities:

  • Create design concepts to determine the best product
  • Present product ideas to relevant team members for brainstorming
  • Suggest improvements to design and performance to product engineers
  • Employ design concepts into functional prototypes
  • Perform research on product technologies and structures to implement into design concepts
  • Maintain up to date on current industry trends and market conditions
  • Coordinate with designers to ensure accurate communication and efficiency in the design phase
  • Modify and revise existing designs to meet and exceed customer expectations

Skills Required:

  • Proven experience in all phases of the design process including user research, copywriting, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, interaction design, and usability testing
  • Experience designing across web and mobile platforms
  • Ability to collect and interpret both qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • An intuitive eye for customer needs beyond the obvious
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to collaborate with cross-functional team members
  • Ability to effectively communicate and persuade around design concepts
  • Passion for design; not satisfied with the status quo and always thinking of ways to improve
  • Dynamic, creative personality, effective at engaging and influencing a variety of audiences


  • STI bonus in addition to your annual salary
  • 5 weeks annual leave
  • Culture of delivering results in an empowering, trusting and collaborative way
  • Celebrate success in all of its forms
  • Individuals are in charge of their own destiny and have the ability and support to forge their own path for their personal and professional development.

Next Steps:  Hi, We’re affix. We have the awesome job of partnering with inspiring tech companies such as Memories to help them scale their teams with the addition of great humans. If you think this role and Memories are a good fit for you, then we would love to meet you. So go on, apply, tell us about yourself and then let’s connect. 

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