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So, I’m feeling a bit silly because in recent times I’ve been banging on about how difficult it is to get into Product. How there is a real lack of opportunity and that somehow you only become a Product Manager when you’re a mid and up. 

THEN I say “something, something” – I have this thing and it doesn’t come around often! It’s rare and it’s totally RAD. I’ve said it a few times lately and I’ve sent all of these things to the internet. And the people on the internet remember. They never forget. 

I don’t quite know what else to say but, I have one of these super ultra-rare things… again? I really mean it, but don’t quite know what to make of it. Remember back in the day when McDonald’s had that Monopoly thing going? Nobody could ever get Fleet Street. Never. It was the best one. 

This is exactly like that. But without the fast food. And the prizes. And… the Monopoly. But enough of all that, let’s try and make sense of what this role is all about, shall we? 

Let’s start with SelfWealth…

I don’t want to hit you with death by dot point on how they’re a leading such and such. I’m going to assume you have their website open and get a better view on that directly from them.  

I’d give you a sense of the culture and how quickly and where they’re at. SelfWealth is going through a period of significant change and scaling. They’re growing up and this is a genuine product and technology-led organisation. That’s kind of a big deal.  

There’s a lot to do but they’re able to actually be CX-focused and get close to the customer. The thinking is not about driving revenue or as much money from trades, the language is always about supporting the customer on what their goals and ambitions are. And make it easier and make them informed. 

The culture? There is scope, trust and autonomy to experiment and try things. You’re in a role to support and learn – and you’ll have a lot of that and access to mentors, but you’ll have a voice within the product team, too. You’re encouraged to be proactive, solve problems and think beyond your day-to-day. 

They’re great humans too. A lot of places talk about collaboration, flat, lean, not hierarchical but I see it and have experienced it with SelfWealth. They’re humble, care about what they do but know they don’t have all the answers. So let’s figure it out? 

But what about the gig? 

I want to keep this simple. SelfWealth is adapting – ways of working, tools, systems. This hire is all about that. You will be the first hire of this kind, within the product function. Not everything is set up or defined. You will play a supporting role in that. 

Be able to analyse customer journeys, funnels and help drive better CX. Through your research and analysis, you will be able to feedback impact on certain changes, releases but also provide meaningful insights and recommendations on product roadmap and prioritisation. 

How do we better store, access and use our data to drive better experiences and outcomes for the end customer? 

You’ll need to be on the tools and comfortable with the likes of GA, SQL but managing stakeholders and communicating findings is critical. 

Who do I need to be? 

A good question. Any experience or exposure to product teams is a big plus point, but not essential. You could come from a number of different role types. Whether it is in marketing, delivery, technology, operations. The key is being able to support the team with analysis but also providing the insights and recommendations to help make better decisions. 

Coming from FinTech or scaling technology orgs would definitely help, but not essential. You do need to have an interest or curiosity in what SelfWealth does and who they serve. Goal orientated and hungry to learn are big ones, I’d say, too. 

If this sounds interesting, if it makes sense and, like me, you were totally disappointed with the lack of prizes from McDonald’s back in the 90s, then apply and say hi! 

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