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I don’t know if you’re like me and you scroll through your feeds (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever your flave of the moment happens to be) and you just come across it. You didn’t need it today, but hell – you’re getting it. That damned video of someone trying to give you some weird inspirational/motivational or imparting some kind of industry knowledge bombs on you. And it’s not even what they’re doing that really bothers you that much (unless they seriously have no genuine experience to talk about what they’re trying to educate people on. Don’t even get me started on this.). All you’re thinking is “Holy hell man, did you really need to stop all of Brisbane traffic in the driver’s seat of your over-priced Range Rover to record your double chins talking absolute nonsense?”
But then you think “Ah well look I do get it, engaging agencies to create professional content costs an arm and a leg. Maybe this isn’t all their fault.”
Well friends, there’s no excuse for it anymore with this service.
We have exclusively partnered with Wrappt (, a video production start-up making video content creation insanely affordable for small businesses, to find a back-end developer to lead the build of a truly one of a kind service into a full blown SaaS product and eventually technically lead the ongoing development well into the future.
So what will this role entail?
Initially you will be working with the head of development to get the ball rolling on building out the functionality of their single page web application to create different users, link them to organizations, share video content and collaborate with projects. In conjunction with this you will also be piecing together the front end to bring the UI together and bring it all to life, however most of your time will sit in the back-end. The skeleton of the web app currently exists as a “read-only” view from constructing projects on the mobile application.
As the business and product matures, the position will evolve into a tech lead role as the plan will be to hire a dedicated front-end and back-end developer + designer within 12-months.

The tech. Gimme sum of that juicy tech talk!
Here are the technical deets:

  • 3+ years commercial experience with LAMP Stack – Specifically with Symfony
  • Solid understanding of MVC architecture
  • Experience delivering custom WordPress websites
  • Solid experience with Javascript, CSS, Less/Sass
  • Experience with AWS platform/technologies

The perks

  • Work on a start-up gaining massive organic traction and catching the eyes of investors
  • Grow a relatively greenfield product into a SaaS Behemoth
  • Flexible work times
  • Tech Lead career growth opportunity within 12-months
  • Newstead location

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