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If you’re reading this, I am going to assume you have knowledge and interest in performance marketing. Driving new user growth through various paid channels . However, I’m not entirely sure how much or what you know about Providoor?  So, let me tell you! Providoor was founded in 2020, by Shane Delia – one of Australia’s best chefs to support restaurants through COVID . It is a marketplace designed to deliver high quality food from Melbourne and Sydney’s (& soon to be Brisbane’s) best restaurants to consumer’s doors. 

 Let’s talk about that, shall we? 
So, one day, lockdown happened. In Melbourne, it was really, really bad. Sometimes, in job ads, I can’t use the words I really need to or want to, to describe something or a feeling. And believe me, my friends, it really was… very bad. 
But then Providoor came into our lives… 
There is a real sense of affection and, dare I say it, love for the brand and the experiences it brought us during such a time. This new, premium experience of in-home dining is unique, and it all started here. And it will only get better. There is a lot to do. A lot of really exciting stuff to do. 
Now? Sydney loves it, too. They’ll no doubt claim they’re leading the way for Australia in order numbers and show the rest of us how we can live in a post-Providoor world. 
Providoor is scaling and is in serious growth mode to meet demand and then, take over the world. This is a new gig in a growing marketing team. The team assembled, thus far, are driven, smart, love what they do, but most importantly, good humans. I think so. They pay me to say that. But this is a highly creative and collaborative environment. Everyone has a voice. 
What is this gig all about? 
You would need to be a subject matter expert in paid search and paid social. You will have oversight and be accountable for performance and ROI in these channels. You’ll have help and support, but you’ll have scope and autonomy in the planning and execution. 
More specifically, you will own and drive all of the paid acquisition channels; identify and propose opportunities to deliver additional acquisition volume within new and existing channels. You will develop strategies to find and convert high-value and loyal customers while reducing CAC and increasing LTV. You’ll be planning and executing cost-effective, scalable campaigns to drive acquisition across Paid Search, Paid Social, Display. 
With an understanding of the marketing and growth strategy, you will create processes and strategies for paid channels to support and drive results in line with the overall strategy. You will create, optimize, test and ultimately drive ROI and growth for the business. 
Who do you need to be? A foodie certainly helps. 
A lot of organisations talk about being a start-up but are not even close. Providoor is one of these. You need to be comfortable with pace, ambiguity, have the confidence to test and fail, but learn from this. Think about the overall business, what it is trying to do and how you can contribute to that. Best idea wins and this is a highly collaborative environment, driven by providing the best possible experience to consumers. 
You’ve done this before. Paid performance has been core to what you do and we’ve covered that, but also, an understanding of driving acquisition through SEO and setting SEO strategy would be a benefit. You can talk to anyone about CPA, CVR, CAC and many other initialisms that provide the data to your results. 
You need to be in the detail and on the tools. Yes, I’ve talked about strategy and planning, but you’re also here to lead the way in execution. Use your knowledge and experience for good – be comfortable in bringing ideas to the table and influencing plans and outcomes. 
If this sounds interesting and really, really… good? Then apply and say hi! 
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