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We have buddied up with one of the most highly regarded, awarded and dare I say it, THE most successful Digital Performance agencies in Queensland to help them find a Partnerships Manager and we are thrilled!

These guys are a BIG deal in Digital Performance land. They’ve built a phenomenal business that’s well and truly been on a mission to help their clients move digital forward, and if you’ve caught on as to who this organisation is already, then you’ll know that they’ve done this in a pretty special way. They’ve been incredibly discerning in how they’ve grown, what clients they bring on board, who they hire, how they measure their results, and how they care for their clients. 

Yep, they’re a special bunch of clever humans full of heart and integrity, and they wear these qualities like a badge of honour.

Digital Performance is 100% THEIR jam. They don’t offer cookie-cutter packages to their clients. They mean what they say, and say what they mean. Aaaaand they also don’t do stupid stuff, like make ludicrous claims and overpromise their clients the world, which we all know happens a lot in agency land. #amiright

Here’s a role snapshot

This is a newly created opportunity, so you’re not stepping into anyone else’s boots. Cool, huh? 

So essentially, this means that you will have the jurisdiction to make this role the success that we all know it can be. 

Aside from acquiring some wonderful new clients, you’ll be helping to lead two mid-weight sales executives, so you’ll be spending the first period working with them as well as founders to learn the business inside and out. The view is to ensure that you’ll be set up to strategically build a pipeline of potential leads that will hopefully convert.  These guys do get a huge number of leads coming in from referrals as well as a pretty healthy inbound funnel, so it won’t take long for you to fill that pipeline!  

There’s a massive emphasis on partnerships, networks, and relationships in this gig.  So, finding the right clients to bring on the journey is something you’ll be gifted and supremely confident in doing. 

The management team will be relying upon you to come up with new and creative ways to penetrate different sections of the market, creating a library of go-to-market sales strategies, and then executing on those strategies via direct sales, digital and social marketing platforms, lead generation initiatives and of course, referral channels.

About YOU

This agency wants a Partnerships Manager who thinks LONG TERM. Yep, you heard right. No quick wins here you guys. This agency plays the lonnnnng game. 

You’ll be passionate about AND have a great understanding of the tech and digital landscape, and we’re hoping that you’ve got that special “je n’ais se quoi” or #specialsauce around being able to innately see what levers should be pushed and pulled in a client’s digital strategy that will help them to achieve their business goals. 

We’ll want to take the conversation further if you’ve got: 

  • Circa 4 + years experience in a SaaS, Tech or Digital sales role; 
  • An ability to confidently demonstrate your B2B solution selling success, yet be humble about your successes at the same time;
  • A growth mindset. You’re all about growing, learning, iterating and you love it;
  • You’re ambitious, yet considered in how you reach your sales targets;  
  • A deep understanding of how to create and nurture a sales pipeline and the relationships of the people  within it;
  • You have a customer-first approach, and you’re patient with longer sales processes, as you’re not the kind of salesperson who is transactional – you play the long game!;
  • You’re discerning around what businesses to target and knowing the prototype of the kinds of clients that would be a fit for the organisation and instinctively knowing those that won’t; 
  • You’ve got an ability to deliver insightful and persuasive sales presentations in front of key decision-makers;
  • You’re a skilled negotiator who has the ability to influence the right people;
  • You are good at diagnosing clients’ needs, objectives, and translating them into robust proposals with high impact; And
  • You’ve already built yourself a great network of people who know you and trust you. You’ve done this through your love of working the room, meeting new people, and developing relationships.

Your remit will look like:

  • You’ll be proactively driving revenue growth and discerningly mapping the market, looking for new clients who fit this organisations archetype;
  • You’ll be helping develop custom sales materials, proposals and presentations to effectively position this client in the market;
  • You will be building and developing relationship networks with key stakeholders in relevant businesses; 
  • Presenting solution-focused proposals and strategies to prospective clients;
  • You’ll be building your personal brand [and the company’s brand more broadly] through attending and participating in networking events, conferences, and speaking engagements;
  • You will be working closely and helping lead two existing Sales Executives to help develop and improve their sales and relationship building skills as well as nurture and build out their pipeline;
  • You will be making fairly regular trips nationally [mainly Sydney and Melbourne] to win new business and attend industry-based events;
  • Identifying ways to improve the overall approach to sales broadly within the business; And 
  • Help the account management and technical teams to identify additional ways to add heightened value to existing clients, and help them to execute.

Are you nodding your head right now thinking: “This is SO me?!” 


You know what to do – Apply now or hunt me down to chat about it.

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