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A few months ago, we kicked off a friendship with an awesome agency that we just instantly clicked with. We’ve already helped them find an awesome human to sit on their digital team, and we’re back at it again, helping them build out their team further, and we’re pretty wrapped about it, to be honest. 

This awesome agency has been achieving some pretty big things behind the scenes, and what I really dig, is the fact that they’ve been keeping pretty quiet about achieving them. #modestAF. They’ve built an incredible business based on referrals and long-term business partnerships with their clients, and they haven’t had to make too much noise in order to be found. I dig this approach, it’s pretty cool. 

Alrighty, so here’s the lowdown on this Paid Social Lead gig.

In this Paid Social Lead role, you’ll be getting “ALL UP” in the detail and optimisation from a campaign level, getting deep in all things paid social advertising. And if writing “good words” is something you like to do as well, then you can get involved in the organic side, too. You’ll be tasked with creating and managing the delivery of best-in-class social strategies that drive engagement, value, and results for your clients that’ll leave them wanting more! You’ll be a real boss at this, oozing confidence, and trusting in your ideas knowing that they’ll yield some pretty special results. 
Here’s a little snapshot of what we’re looking for in you!

  • You’ve been in Paid Social for a while and it’s YOUR jam. The amount of years of experience is not something we’re fixated on here. It’s all about aptitude, experience, and fit!;
  • A natural flair for Paid Social [Facebook, Insta, and LinkedIn mainly], knowing instinctively what levers to push, pull and accelerate to get the kinda results that will deeeee-light your clients;
  • You’re “fluffy” with your creative process and concepts, but hot-damn, you love strategy and a good ole’ Spreadsheet;
  • You thrive on variation and getting to dip your toes in a smorgasbord of client industries, budgets, and cool problems to solve;
  • You are pretty comfortable in managing monthly budgets of all sizes. Big, small, and everything in between;
  • You’ve got an excellent understanding of social media best practices for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as other emerging platforms; 
  • You have a critical thinking and problem-solving mindset, with the ability to work through complex concepts and data to present well-thought-out, simple and strategic solutions; 
  • No doubt you’ve got some nifty accreditations under your belt too, particularly like the ‘Meta Certified Media Planning Professional’ and ‘Meta Certified Media Buying Professional’;
  • Clients love ya. Yep, you’re a people person and you know how to do the client “stuff” well. You’re able to build trust quickly, put out fires before they combust, and you do this with empathy, flair, and no ego; 

So, is this you? 

If the words you’ve read above have resonated and you’re keen to make your next move, then let’s boogie. 

I welcome you to press apply. In fact, press it hard. Even if you don’t tick every box, still go for it. 

I want you to tell me about your career journey. I’m keen to know your story, the one that’s behind your CV. Tell me who you are, what you’re proud of, and of course, why you think this role is #SoYou.

Want to chat before you apply? Well, of course, you can do that, too! 

Here’s how you’ll find me to tee up a chat. 

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0401 002 988

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