Paid Performance Specialist


We have buddied up with our great mates again over at Gordon Digital to help them on their quest to find the missing piece of their team puzzle.

A Paid Performance Specialist. 

We have been working with this you-beaut agency for a longggg time now, and they’re doing some great stuff. 

They are the kind of agency that’s bloody good at nurturing client relationships and getting their clients some fantastic returns on their investments. They really pride themselves on it, and they take special care in educating their clients on what they’re doing and how it fits into their bigger picture. It’s something EVERY agency says they do well, but these guys walk the talk; if ya know what I mean? 

The Gordon Digital team is a super smart bunch of humans.

They’re clever. 
They’re authentic.
And, they’re genuine. 

Oh, and if you haven’t already realised. We like them A LOT!

Now? Let’s talk about you.

Aside from being a bit of jet across paid search, you’re the ultimate team player. You’re a damn good communicator and can thrive when there is a multitude of problems to solve. You ooze empathy. You care beyond measure about your clients’ results, and they just luuurve you for the care and attention you not only give to them from an interpersonal level but to their campaigns as well. 

Rightio, here’s a snapshot of what we’ll be looking for in you!
[OMG, that is SO me]:

  • You’ve got circa 2 years of goooood experience in either a Paid Performance gig;
  • You’re “fluffy” with your creative process and concepts, but hot-damn, you love strategy and a good ole’ Spreadsheet;
  • Clients love ya. Yep, you’re a people’s person and you know how to do the client “stuff” well. You’re able to build trust quickly, put out fires before they combust, and you do this with empathy, flair, and no ego; And
  • You thrive on variation and getting to dip your toes in a smorgasbord of client industries, budgets, and cool problems to solve.

Here’s what you’ll be getting up to day-to-day in this gig:

  • LOTS of client-facing stuff. You’ll be building really meaningful relationships with them, and part of your role in this relationship is helping guide them through the journey, providing them with genuine, valuable recommendations that’ll ensure their results will get to the next level;
  • You’ll be building, managing, and optimising multi-channel paid advertising campaigns for your clients. And you’ll be responsible for the strategy, the results, the communication, and ensuring they’re getting kick-ass ROI & conversions;
  • You will be coming up with new ideas and tactics and develop concepts that align with the client’s goals;
  • Hanging out a ton in Google Analytics, measuring, analyzing, and reporting back campaign data to your clients – breaking it all down in bite-sized chunks so they “get it!”; And
  • Ducking, weaving, strategizing, and leveraging all of the nifty “search” tools that get the job done. 

While technical aptitude is important in this role, what we’re also looking for here is the right attitude and culture fit. Gordon Digital has an absolute ripper culture, and they really look after their people too.

So, if you’re in a performance role in agency land and are feeling a little like you’ve had enough of all the hours, the huge client portfolio, and unrealistic expectations; then I think you’d want to get around this one. It’s a real beaut.  

Reach out if you’re keen to hear more. Or? Bypass the hi and apply!

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