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#PaidMediaPeople, have we got a treat for you!

We’ve just linked arms with a wonderful new client who’s a BIG media group that umbrellas some incredible agencies beneath it. We’re helping these guys scale across their team in Paid Media and we’re feeling pretty psyched, TBH.

You see, when it comes to Paid Media, we know all too well that people who either work within this group or have worked at the group, are the *bloody* bees knees. People who get the chance to work here are some of the most clever cookies in the market, and honestly, if you’re serious about your career in Paid, then this is the place you want to be. #OfficialHypeGirl

So aside from the obvious, what’s cool here is that there are around five positions up for grabs at varying levels across the group. It means we get the chance to help someone either level-UP and really lean into learning a bunch of new stuff, or, to further refine their skills across Paid with the view of getting a real career glow-up. 

The role itself? 

Well, it’d see you working deeply in the strategy and implementation side of things with no account management. Yes, you’re hands-on with the client from a strategy perspective and you’ll be involved in meetings with the client and client-facing to a degree, but this is all about doing the deep work. You’ll be getting down and dirty in the building, in the testing, in the measuring, in the analysis, aaaaand in the optimising. Lots of things to do here, folks. 

And you?

You’ve got around 2+ years experience in Paid-land and you’re super hands-on with the chops to manage large media budgets. We also imagine that you have the knack for being able to talk *deeeeeeply* about campaign strategy, and a communicative flair that sees you package up your delivery with a sense of confidence and articulation. 

BIG campaigns don’t scare you, they excite you. You love turning paid media visions into a beautiful and measurable reality. And you have proven experience in A/B testing, and the ability to conceptualise and test full-funnel concepts.  And above all else? You’re a *bloody* good human. And you enjoy being surrounded by other good humans who are all working to move the dial in the paid media space. What else could you want?

Now tell me, have I managed to tempt you? 

Well, if I have, and if you feel like this little job advert is #SoYou – then let’s chat. 

Or? Bypass the hi and hit apply!

Here’s how you can reach us for a chit chat: 

Shannon Greaves 
0458 184 555 | [email protected] 

Eron Castro 
0401 002 988 | [email protected]

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