Node.JS Developer


“Oh yeah, I work with the team led by guys who are Ex-Google and Microsoft and we’re Facebook’s top partner in both Oz + NZ and soon to be in the US.”

This could be you gloating at a dinner party,  to your family over a bottle of celebratory vino, hell, even to your dog (Spot will be super impressed, believe me!).

Whoa, alright so what’s all this about?

Coming up to two years old, we’ve worked with this scale-up super closely for close to a year building out their team and they are in midst of growing their engineering arm of certified rad humans. They are a services company for enterprise businesses looking to integrate a unique, personalized, customizable and efficient team collaboration / communication platform over familiar UI.

Okay, interested, but what kind of work would I be doing?

Good question, applicant who happens to be reading this! One thing is certain – you will not be bored. One day you may be building out a footy tipping bots to the next where you’re building out a security audit management system. You will be a backend sorcerer and someone who loves to pump code and ship, kick ass and take names in a fast paced environment and thrive where not one day was the same as the last.

Wicked, so do I fit the profile?

Ding ding ding, perfect human BINGO time! I’m on the hunt for a senior developer and to me that means if you tick these then “That’s a bingo!” #hanslanda #whatamovieright? :

  • Backend development using Node.JS
  • Solid experience with RESTful APIs and other API styles (GraphQL, XML, etc)
  • Cloud experience – ideally AWS
  • Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
  • Understanding of Git
  • Prior Experience with CI/CD and testing frameworks

If you have experience in the following front-end tech that would be cool but not a hard requirement:

  • React Framework experience

While technical requirements are necessary (duh), just as importantly they are looking for a good human. That means getting sh#$t done, not being precious with code in and well, just a general, all round good human. In return you’ll work in a co-working space meters away from Central station with beer that comes out of the ceiling, inhouse barista providing free coffee and good vibes.

Wow this was a ride let’s chat and make this happen!

Sure was, hit me up on the details below:

Daniel Belic
[email protected]
0407 903 686

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