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We all know the old saying, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe”, I get the whole Strength Multiplier effect argument here, but no disrespect Mr Lincoln – a great Planner would have already had their Axe sharp and ready to go –

Planning… it’s crucial in a lot of organisations – that is if you are in the business of making good things happen. Cargo Crew is one of these businesses. Born in the early 2000s to seriously challenge the status quo [of what was a uniform industry lacking imagination], create bespoke uniforms that truly represent their customers brand and voice and they love to wear.

Cargo Crew do things differently [Design-led uniform business at wholesale pricing; Industry-leading fabric technology; Ethical & certified supply chain partners; Australian family-owned business]. I can go on about their ambition, culture and why they REALLY are great, but maybe over a conversation.
But, sounds good so far? I’d like to think so! So let me tell you where you come into all of this!

Reporting to the MD, you will need to not only take responsibility of the planning and management of all stock, but you will need to be able to capture and provide clear analytical data and bespoke reporting and insight to all stakeholders. An integral member of the team, you will work hand-in-hand with both; The MD/Executive [contributing insights and ensuring inventory levels to meet and optimise client requirements], The Client Service Team [understand the needs of Cargo Crew’s clients and ensure we are providing excellent service to clients with respect to stock availability], the Design & Production Team [product pricing development (including margins) and stock management] and Warehouse [stocking the actual product].

At the very core; you are a passionate, creative and agile leader who brings experience, is courageous, forward-thinking and can build new processes that adapt to the dynamic changes that exist within the Cargo Crew business. You will develop and ultimately have a deep understanding of the brand and Cargo Crew products, as well as a clear picture of the needs of Cargo Crew clients from a stock management perspective.

Beyond that, you will have a proven ability to coach & support internal teams, ensuring open communication and collaboration to deliver exceptional efficient and effective stock management and ultimately service to Cargo Crew clients.
If this has grabbed your attention and if you think this could be you, apply and say hi.

There is a lot more we can tell you about this Cargo Crew (they’re pretty cool) and the role so now it’s over to you. Make sure you apply, but not just “I’ll flick my CV through kind-of-apply” we want to know your story, the one that’s behind your CV. Give us some words, tell us who you are what you are most proud of and of course, why you think this is just the role, just the role for you…. let’s see if this we can help you find your happy (work) place.

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