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Marketing Manager roles, yep there are alot of them out there, lots of growth hacking, performance optimisation, gamification and storyscaping, one may get a little lost in finding the “why” in amongst all the algorithms, analytics and the hype. Well, what if I was going to tell you about a role, that will of course call on your marketing prowess yet it is actually centred, fair and square on the why, in fact the main KPI for this is actually all about supporting people with disability to run their own lives by exercising true choice and control.

Carer Solutions Australia (yep renaming that little tongue twister will be your first job) was born out of frustration with an industry, which for too long had been defined by stigma, limited options and hard-to-navigate systems – making it really hard for those humans who deserve better. The aim of this organisation is pretty clear, which is to increase the limited options available to people living with disability by enabling them to employ the Support Workers of their choice.

What makes these guys unique? Thanks for asking, the answer is pretty simple; CSA provides human connection, rather than a platform, an app or a form they connect humans with a disability with another human who is there to help them bring control back into their life. Seems a pretty simple idea, common sense you might say, yet unfortunately, this is not the norm and humans with various disabilities (and their families) are having to navigate, negotiate and plan through various systems, forms and processes just to get what they need.

Your task in all of this is to help CSA scale and continue to motivate a change in expectations in the disability sector by furthering the collaborative relationships they have built with their customers in close to ten years of operation which emanate from a place of genuine heart, authenticity, and trust.

In this newly created role, you will get to build, develop out and take the marketing function and capability of this organisation to a new level, driving delivery of brand identity, reputation, positioning and profile to drive growth.

Owning both strategic and execution responsibilities, you will develop customer value
propositions, social media and creative, CX, and marketing strategies underpinned by data,
analytics and journey mapping, to achieve acquisition, retention and growth targets.

Looking at where we’d like to take this role, the skills and experience we’ll need you to call on is;

  • A track record of defining and building compelling brands to drive growth and customer engagement
  • Integrated marketing capability, including experience engaging agencies and key stakeholders across strategic brand, PR, communications, marketing, and digital activities
  • Strong and human-centred leadership, communication and interpersonal skills
  • A highly creative and innovative mindset with an entrepreneurial spirit to help shape growth initiatives and ventures
  • Experience using customer and market intelligence to improve customer experience and engagement
  • Experience in the disability sector is in no way essential, the key here is to be able to have a genuine appreciation of the industry and be motivated by the human impact opportunity an authentic passion to work amongst an industry that is somewhat challenging, but rewarding in what you help deliver and create!

Next Steps 
If this sounds like the opportunity you have been waiting for, where you can drive change and passionately support and contribute to the growth of this amazing business, make sure you apply, but not just “I’ll flick my CV through kind-of-apply” we want to know your story, the one that’s behind your CV. Give us some words, tell us who you are what you are most proud of and of course, why you think this gig might be for you.
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