Marketing Lead (maternity cover)


Some say it pays to be creative when writing these things. They can be so drab and boring. I’m more the latter. Creativity isn’t my thing. I have kids and when that happens, you become really, really dull. A big day out for me is a BBQ whilst enjoying a refreshing can of Captain Sensible. Because one has to be sensible, doesn’t one?
So, as I write this, imagine that I’m singing in my very best soprano. Think Mary Poppins. You might be wondering why would I do this? Trust me. This is the only bit of fun I’m going to have this week. It’s in your head? You’re doing it? Good. Well… that was easy, wasn’t it, rubber arm?
But, do you know what ISN’T boring? This Marketing gig at Vivi, that’s what! Pretty neat segue way, eh?
Anywho, this role, as I see it, is a very growth and performance-driven role. Top of funnel growth initiatives and sales enablement, mainly in Australia and the US is effectively what this is. This role is initially a 12-month maternity leave contract – but you know what they say, with growth, comes opportunity!
You want more details, don’t you?
You’ll have a small team, highly tactical that will require your leadership. The strategy for 2019 has been approved, so you’ll need to execute – but work your way. Solve the problems as you see fit and design plans for 2020.
You’ll be comfortable talking customer acquisition, lead generation, insights and analytics, creating good customer journeys to push users through the funnel and working with Customer Success on how that might look. You’ll be highly influential on what the product roadmap looks like too. Creative is cool, but we need a very commercial and data-driven marketer in this seat. Above all, though, very customer focused.
I reckon if you’ve been in a start-up/tech-driven environment before, say Series A/Series B, you’ll understand the environment. If you’ve worked in SaaS – that would help as well.
But Sara, who are these guys and what do they do? I’m ever so glad you asked!
Vivi are a Melbourne based EdTech company. Now, the stage they are at, they have established product-market fit, they have momentum and an already impressive client base here and the US. That grunt work has been done – it’s all about investing in the right areas and putting some thought, strategy and leadership in how they scale. There’s a lot to go at. I would consider this a start-up environment, with runs on the board, ready to scale, who are helping educators transform student engagement globally to improve educational outcomes.
If you are nodding your head, and still humming along, you know what to do. Apply below or contact me directly – [email protected]

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