Junior Javascript Software Engineer


Who is Fillr?

Fillr is the world’s most accurate autofill technology and we’ve rolled this into a suite of mobile apps that are used by thousands of users daily in every country of the world. Fillr provides online shoppers with a fast means to transact anywhere instantly by removing the tedium of typing personal details every time a website requires ecommerce details such as name, address and credit cards.

The technical problems are hard but that is an opportunity for the team to leverage whatever tools or computer science disciplines they can wrangle to find interesting and elegant solutions.

Fillr is based right in the middle of buzzing South Yarra where the coffee and lunch options are rife. Our office is light and airy and you’ll find engineers, designers, sales and of course company directors all working tightly together and having a bit of fun while they’re at it.

Why join now?
This founder-lead & Melbourne-born scale up is booming. This is an exciting time to be joining Fillr as they are embarking on a new journey after merging with Rakuten Americas whose business portfolio includes market leaders in e-commerce, digital marketing, advertising, business intelligence, logistics, communications, and entertainment. 

Rakuten is a global leader in internet services that empower individuals, communities, businesses and society. Founded in Tokyo in 1997 as an online marketplace, Rakuten has expanded to offer services in e-commerce, fintech, digital content and communications to approximately 1.4 billion members around the world.

Built from the ground-up to solve the issue of converting on mobile, Fillr is an ultra intelligent data exchange platform with a 95% + accuracy that is proven to be more accurate than Google/Apple’s autofill offerings.

What is ‘autofill as a service’ you might ask? ​
Behind their simple façade, forms are deceptively complicated. A jumbled mess of code in a multitude of formats, they are constantly changing and updating. Fillr, already the world’s most accurate autofill, continues to improve through machine learning and internal benchmarking platforms and regression frameworks.

As you can imagine Mobile has become their primary means of connecting to the digital world — over the past 5 years mobile is increasingly the first screen for digital commerce. *Fun fact* 40 percent of e-retail traffic now comes from mobile phones. However, despite the exponential growth in mobile shopping, conversion rates continue to fall as customers continue to abandon their shopping carts during the checkout process. Seven out of 10 people stop short of completing their online purchases. 

Fillr believes that the key to addressing this is in tapping into technology innovations to improve customer experience and reduce significant frictions in mobile commerce, such as complicated checkout forms. And this technology needs to work on every app, every browser, every checkout page and every form.

Unlike other platforms, Fillr can be used anywhere regardless of a merchant being integrated with them and can be used for any transaction, *even those that don’t require payment!*

Benefits of Fillr
Fillr delivers industry-leading 95% accuracy across the world’s top e-retailers, compared with Chrome and Safari’s 53% accuracy, and more than 500 percent increase in speed. While also being able to provide completely anonymised aggregated data on user gender, age, geography, and payment platform, and on form specifics such as number of fields on the form and number of fields entered/edited by users.

The Fillr user experience has been thoroughly tested and can be customized to integrate seamlessly with the existing UX of their clients applications. The default UI is based on Android and iOS native design standards and can be easily adapted to a company’s style and guidelines and can also be integrated into desktop browser extensions for all popular browsers.

As they grow they support more and more of the world. Currently, Fillr supports over 12+ languages including English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese — more on the way!  

This is where you would come in…
In order to continue to grow the product globally, Fillr is hiring a Junior JavaScript Engineer who will join their engineering team + ensure the continued accuracy of their product. You come with 1-2 years of experience under your keyboard and have a desire to work on an incredible product accuracy. 

What is needed of you 

  • A passion for building clean, well designed, functional apps
  • Experience with Git and code review based workflows
  • Appreciation for modern agile development
  • Devotion to writing elegant (think: clean & easy to understand by other people) and functional code 
  • JavaScript (and/or CoffeeScript/Typescript)
  • Node.js
  • Regular expressions
  • HTML5 Web API
  • BDD Testing (Mocha, Chai)
  • Linux command line

Day to day you will be:

  • Leveraging your knowledge in ES6, Coffeescript, and HTML5 Web APIs to optimise and improve on their Javascript Widget
  • Extract metadata information from all types of web pages and frameworks for benchmarking and analysis
  • Flex your skills in research and experimentation-type activities
  • Optimise and refine our Mapping engine’s contextual analysis of webforms
  • Extend and improve our automated web form testing via Puppeteer
  • Demonstrating sound knowledge of testing principles and writing testable code
  • Normalising and analysing accuracy data via Python. (Good to have)
  • Being apart of an empathetic and rational peer reviewed code process. 

Bonus Points 

  • Experience with setting up/using CI/CD tools like buildkite/bamboo etc.
  • Experience using/deploying applications using AWS/Google Cloud
  • Understanding of mobile application lifecycle (Android and/or iOS)

What’s in it for you?
You will have opportunities for career growth including training/conference budget and the chance to see projects end-to-end into production. Perks include a relaxed office atmosphere, flexible working arrangements, regular team lunches and outings, and lots of cake (yum)! 

  • Flexible work hours 
  • Mentorship in best techniques across mobile and full stack technology 
  • Fully specced laptop and any other development equipment 

Culture at Fillr
Fillr want their staff to be happy while producing products that make other people’s lives that little bit easier. They believe communication is the key to delivering on that and have an open culture of sharing knowledge, ideas and laughs from all parts of the business. Everyone is encouraged to share their creativity on all aspects of the business including product and they ensure all ideas are treated equally. But ideas are nothing without the ability to deliver, so if you are a thinker with a friendly attitude who also knows when it’s time to knuckle down and ship, you’ll fit right in. 

Next steps
Hey, I’m Jess from affix. We have the amazing job to partner with inspiring companies such as Fillr to help them scale up through people. We would love to know more about you, what you’re passionate about, interests and hobbies that go beyond just reviewing your CV. So, let’s have a chat and see if this is your happy (work) place.

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