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Conversational AI. Now that’s a term I know you’re buzzing to learn more about. I certainly was! Well that’s a pretty good segway I think to introducing our new friends… Enter the revolutionary LivePerson. 

When we first met with LivePerson we were excited to learn more about how Conversational Artificial Intelligence was helping businesses all over the world to engage and solve problems for their customers more efficiently. If you have a passion for NLP, ML, and AI then this is the opportunity for you!

So what does Conversational AI look like? Well, to give you a small taste, one of their products includes their intuitive bot-building tool. They have used over a billion conversations to train machine-learning algorithms that power their AI. It doesn’t stop there…. Their conversational cloud platform includes a number of reporting and data APIs that allow their customers to integrate data from conversational interactions with CRM, business intelligence, and other systems.

LivePerson are the people with big dreams, big name clients and big operations – and that’s where you come in. 

About the roles (there’s a couple of them)

We are looking for multiple Software Engineers – from the junior to mid level – to help them build and maintain the team’s analytics-based web applications. You’ll be working on a range of services designed to deliver their brands with insights and analytics, from consumer intent-driven analytics to conversational cloud performance optimization.

We are looking for Full Stack Engineers with an eye for detail on the front end, who are passionate about delighting consumers with an amazing user experience. You will also have experience developing backend APIs and services and enjoy designing and implementing end-to-end systems. 

You will have the opportunity to be part of a nimble, highly impactful team and help drive the adoption of Conversational AI and messaging among the world’s largest brands including retailers, telcos, banks, airlines and more – it’s impressive! 

Some of your responsibilities as an engineer @ LivePerson

  • Take part in the creation and evolution of innovative web-based applications and services
  • Full-stack development: design, develop, build and deploy scalable and robust features.
  • Analysis of functional requirements & creation of software design
  • Be responsible and drive the adoption of new and exciting features
  • Gain deep knowledge and understanding of microservice architecture

As a junior engineer you…

  • Have experience in least one programming language and its development environment.
  • Understand and use basic object oriented analysis and design skills.
  • Understand and have followed best practices for essential software engineering areas, including testing, software version control, software development cycle, code documentation, build and deployment issues. 

As a mid level engineer you…

  • Have experience building and delivering applications from a functional spec for moderately complex projects.
  • Deliver using best practice engineering techniques and standards, including testing, software version control, software development cycle, code documentation, build and deployment issues. 
  • Have an understanding of technology platforms, and performance and scalability issues. 
  • Can evaluate and make decisions around the use of new or existing software products and tools for a project.

The skills and experience you can bring to LivePerson

As you read through this list below – don’t you worry if you don’t hit every point! We are looking for smart engineers and good humans with the aptitude to learn! More than anything, hopefully this gives you a better idea of the tech stack and what you will get to work on 🙂 

  • Software development experience working in NodeJS and Express (we use NestJS, but this isn’t mandatory)
  • Experience in JavaScript (we use TypeScript, but again this isn’t mandatory)
  • Working with, designing, and implementing, highly scalable RESTful APIs
  • Angular or equivalent front-end framework experience (happy to hear from folks with React or Vue)
  • Passion for full-stack development, from front end and UI/UX design, coding through building, automating, monitoring and deploying in a variety of technologies
  • Strong CS fundamentals when it comes to basic algorithms and architecture
  • Experience with SQL, Cassandra and Elastic databases
  • Experience or interest in CI, configuration management and containerization solutions

Why you’ll love working at LivePerson

LivePerson was named to FastCompany’s World’s most innovative companies of 2020 list for the Artificial Intelligence category. 

They are on a mission to make life easier for people and brands everywhere through trusted Conversational AI. They believe in a future where conversations are the norm for getting your intentions fulfilled – whatever they are.  

They offer top tier tech & data science colleagues, along with opportunities to push your own limits. They embrace invention and experimentation. Most importantly, you’ll have an ability to make an impact at work and at brands across the globe as you build the future with trusted Conversational AI together.

At LivePerson, people from diverse backgrounds come together to do their best work and be their authentic selves. They are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. 

Initiatives they are apart of:

  • Equal AI: Leading the movement for innovative, responsible, and inclusive AI 
  • Bella Health: a health app which through the help of LivePerson’s conversational AI provides a complete, at-home rapid-testing solution for organizations 

Just a little bit curious!? Apply and let’s chat to see if this can be your (happy) work place. 

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