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People are often asking “how’s the market?” or “what are we seeing and what should we expect?” In 2021, I have, well, no idea. I can’t even pretend to fumble my way to some kind of reasonable answer. The market is still inconsistent. One minute we’re wearing masks, the next we’re not. 

I don’t even know who I am anymore. 

But! Most excellent news for you, good reader… The world of Product is busy. You are in high demand and I love it. Why? Well…my wife is a Product Manager and I don’t really have a choice. 

I have always felt that, however, in most (if not all) tech-driven start-ups, a Product Leader should be one of your earlier considerations to hire. Having a squad of devs is great, but who will lead, prioritise and actually understand who the customer is, what problems need solving and how? 

This is where you come in…

The business has grown and they need a Head of Product for a number of reasons. Be the conduit between Founder and Technology. Understand the vision, create the higher-level business objectives to support and drive that, bring that back to creating the Product strategy and roadmap and lead the devs through to delivery with clear prioritisation and direction. 

But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself! Who is this business and what am I getting myself into possibly, you ask? 

Creative Thinking Institute. Go, have a look. What I am expecting, after a few minutes of reading, you’re stroking your chin saying “that’s veeeeeeeeeeeery interesting.” And, you would be correct. There is a real sense of purpose and the positive impact is potentially significant and it’s really bloody interesting, too. 

I could honestly type pages of my thoughts on all of the things that these guys do and their ambitions, but that’s probably best done over a conversation. I would say that you’d be thrust into a Founder-led MedTech business, pre-revenue, in a pivotal leadership role with significant scope and influence. 

Who do you need to be? 

CTI is, as I said, pre-revenue… an actual start-up. You need to have worked in a tech start-up environment or possibly something that was scaling or had scaled. Bootstrapped, post-series A would be beneficial but  understanding the dynamics of a Founder led business is vitally important. 

You need to have lead teams/squads or Devs, Design but have also been a key leader/decision-maker in the business. You have to have done something like this before. Your tools still need to be sharp. Yes, this is a leadership position and a highly strategic one but you need to be comfortable working on the what/why as well as the how?  

Sound like you? Intrigued? Curios? Interested? If so, apply and then say hi! Emails and LinkedIn messages are ok, but a direct application is MUCH better. Also, I’m hopeless with voice mails, so probably want to avoid that option. 

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