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This one is going to excite you. Well, it excites me and I’m not easily excited… Wow, a blue car! 

Friends, I present to you an opportunity to join Flippa. A growing 2-sided marketplace and, thanks to a significant Series A cap raise, is seriously accelerating growth and scaling here and abroad. This is a bloody big deal.  

I don’t want to overdo it, but this is a unique opportunity to join a damn impressive team; super smart, egoless humans who have a history of successful growth stories not only here but in other start-ups, as well. Flippa is in the best position it has ever been in and I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say now is a REALLY good time to join. 

Tell me more about Flippa…

Flippa is the #1 marketplace to buy and sell online businesses. True to their mission to give every business owner a pathway to exit. A peer-to-peer marketplace brings together entrepreneurs, owners, investors and operators to trade sites, stores, apps and online businesses. But there is a lot of work to be done and opportunity here.

Flippa represents the new real estate – it’s digital real estate – and this is your opportunity to be a part of a major shift in society, one where digital business ownership is the new currency and a new asset class. 

What about the culture? 

We’ve already touched on this a little bit and we’ve used such words as “awesome” and “smart.” Here you have a business that is really starting to grow up. This is a good thing. A lot of more positive change is afoot. But the DNA of the business is – knowing the customer, REALLY knowing the customer and solving customer problems. Sounds simple enough but that breeds collaboration and this is a business where people are proactive, they care about and believe in what Flippa is doing. This is definitely a good environment to learn but also be supported with the level of scope and autonomy that this role brings. 

What is this role all about?

This is the start of building out Product Leadership, structure and capability. This is a leadership, strategic role where you will still be hands-on in execution. Yes, you will be able to influence higher-level business objectives, but you’ll be working with the CEO, Technology and the Founder on where Flippa can go and how it might scale. 

You’ll need to get in front of the customers and understand them. Really throw yourself at it. This is a unique marketplace, solving a unique but big problem. Understanding it and who Flippa serves is vitally important. Be accountable for Product strategy and delivery. Pathe the way for scaling the Product team. 

So who are we looking for?

A human [Preferably] who understands what it’s like to work in a start-up or a Product/Tech driven org that has scaled. It’s true that this isn’t a start-up anymore, but they definitely have the culture of one.

Comfortable with ambiguity, pace, complexity and at times, pressure. A leader and a doer. A key person driving innovation, experimentation, critical thinking and a culture that is customer-led. 

eCommerce or marketplace experience is a plus, but definitely not essential. Experience beyond Australia, specifically the US, is beneficial but not essential. Genuine interest in startups, Founders and what Flippa does is definitely essential. 

So, if my ramblings above make sense and this has, as they say, “pique your interest”, well let’s chat. I am very excited [seriously I am] to meet you, get to know you and hear all about how you have built products and teams in a digital tech environment.

Bonus points on knowing who really is excited about blue cars. 

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