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Purpose-led. Impact. Driving real positive change for people, for the world we live in. These are things I hear a lot when people are looking for changes in their career or where they might aspire to head towards. 

What that means to individuals differs from person to person. But, usually, speaking to product leaders – anyone really, a lot of people want to work somewhere that improves people’s lives and/or just makes the world a better place. 

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this Head of Product gig at Cyban fits the bill. I mean, REALLY fits it. There is no tenuous link. This technology, reasons it came to be and what it could do – changes the world and helps people within it in times of real need. 

OK, so you think I’m sounding a little over-dramatic? Let’s talk about who Cyban are and what they do… 

Cyban is focused on creating accurate and non-invasive continuous tissue oxygen monitor technology. So this aims to reduce possible life-changing brain injury by early detection and therefore intervention for better patient outcomes.   

See what I mean? When we talk about purpose and impact, this very much aligns. 

What about the culture? 

This is really early stage. We’re now in a position to start expanding and bringing things in-house. You have a close-knit team of highly intelligent people, but humble. There are no brilliant jerks or egos to be found here. 

If you’re reading this and it resonates, like-minded people that care about the purpose and the problem they’re trying to solve here. 

Tell me more about the gig! 

This is an executive gig. You will lead and help shape higher-level business objectives and engage with the board. How might we scale, evolve and what might this business look like longer-term? 

Help is coming, this is a leadership position but you’ll be thinking and doing. Leading cross-functional teams, defining product strategy, GTM, research initiatives, deep understanding of problems and how to solve them. Define ways of working and efficiencies in delivery internally and with partners. 

Who do I need to be? 

You need to have done this before. What do I mean? Experience in med tech/devices is a must. Building something, early stage, in a product leadership role is also another must-have. Experience in other markets is important, but not essential as is experience with business strategy in an executive role.

Leader, thinker and doer. Comfortable with pace, ambiguity and the positives (and pain) in a very early stage tech start-up. 

If this makes sense and sounds as interesting as I think it is, apply and say hi! 

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