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Over the past five years, I have watched a particular performance agency do some pretty epic things. 

This performance agency has two legendary founders at the helm who, that many moons ago, used to be colleagues of mine. Since those days, they’ve gone on to have incredible careers and I’ve been in the [virtual] grandstand looking on and cheering for them from afar. 

They have built a kick-ass performance agency. In fact, it’s an absolute ripper. 

They’ve gone ahead and cherry-picked all the good stuff they’ve experienced as employees in digital agencies and SaaS companies, and have created something pretty special. They get to pick and choose what clients they work with, and they ONLY work with clients that they gel well with and truly believe in. And they have some epic clients too, being predominantly in eCommercce, SaaS, & Marketplace sectors. The stuff they’re doing is absolutely brilliant. They’re a real force to be reckoned with, this one. 

And now? 

Well, they have roughly 18 crew members across Performance and Creative and they’re set to grow even more with a clear strategy in place to probably double their business in size next year. And they know that to get to the next stage in their growth they’re going to need to pull out the big guns, so they’ve asked little old me for some help. 

Because you see, they need to make a very important hire. It’s their biggest yet. 

They need a Head of Digital Performance. 

Now, I’m pretty excited about helping this agency with this assignment. Not only because we obviously love helping our clients build teams, but I see this role as being an epic move for the right person in their career. I personally think a role like this is going to be perfect for a Digital Performance Manager & Leader who’s more than likely in a network agency and is keen to have more autonomy, more pull, and less red-tape. Basically, an opportunity to do some kick-ass stuff, but without the BIG agency BS. 

So let’s talk about this gig and how we see you plugging into it, shall we? 

As the Head of Digital Performance you’ll be leading, inspiring, and managing a *bloody* clever team of around ten Paid Specialists [soon to be considerably more] that delivers ‘all things’ digital performance. You’ll be really steering the ship, taking the lead on team engagement and delivery of work. You’ll also be the leading point on those BIG, meaty, strategic client decisions, with full accountability for the performance, growth, success, and evolution of the performance department. [Told you it was a BIG one!]

In this gig, you’ll have an important seat and voice within the business, reporting to the two founders. They want someone to come in with BIG ideas, have cool ways of doing things, and to be someone who is a genuine, authentic, empathetic, and high-caliber leader. They’re also hoping that you’ll have some pretty epic stories to tell around how you’ve turned BIG client briefs into outstanding digital marketing plans, and how you have led teams into executing really impressive ROI for their clients.

And we think that you’ll be driven by the commercial element of being in a role like this, too. You won’t be scared of the numbers. You’ll get amped about the idea of developing up-and-coming people on the team. And when problems pop up day-to-day, [let’s face it, they always do] you’ll work through them with a commercial and empathetic lens. Because after all, this stuff will come naturally to you. #youwerebornforthis

Other good stuff to know… 

  • You’ll be paid really well, obvs. 
  • There will be trust from the start. Your reporting channels will be clear and you’ll have the support you need to do your thang, and do it well.
  • You can work super flexi hours and are working in the “hybrid” way [They’re outcome-focused, not 9-5pm focused if you catch my drift?]
  • You get time weekly to invest in YOU. Want to catch up on a podcast at 10am on the couch for an hour? Cool, you can do that. Want to do an online course? Cool, you can also do that. 
  • You’ll NEVER work on your birthday. That’s a promise. 
  • And of course, there are other #werkperks like FREE parking and being able to bring your pooch into the office, if that’s something you like to do.

So. Is this you? 

If the words you’ve read above have resonated with you and you’re keen to make your next move, then let’s boogie. 

I welcome you to press apply. In fact, press it hard. 

Tell me about your career journey. I am keen to know your story, the one that’s behind your CV. Tell me who you are, what you’re proud of, and of course, why you think this role is #SoYou.

Want to chat before you apply? Well, of course, you can do that too! 

Here’s how you’ll find me to tee up a chat. 

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